Xbox 360 Previews: Saw: The Video Game

Xbox 360 Previews: Saw: The Video Game
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Saw: The Videogame Xbox 360 Preview

The SAW franchise gathered much hype due to its scary storyline, eerie medieval and modern traps and confusing endings. It has grossed a whopping $500 million worldwide and has sold more than 15 million DVD’s. Its emergence as a unique and cult movie series in the horror genre had some speculations about a video game version being released somewhere in the near future. While most critics rubbished such rumors, developers Zombie Studios were quite serious and so they planned to develop Saw: The Videogame. The game is now all set to create waves in the gaming world, hopefully!

The game was released on October 6, 2009 by gaming giants Konami for the Xbox 360 platform. The fact that coincided with the next SAW movie gathered much hype. Here’s a sneak peek on what’s so fascinating about Saw: The Video Game.


Most Hollywood-inspired video games have failed miserably in the gaming world. Still, you will always find a game or two released with the same Hollywood title, but is completely independent of the movie’s storyline. That’s not the case with Saw: The Videogame. The game follows the SAW movie series too closely and each stage fits the film’s narrative.

Saw: The Video Game is a third person survival horror game which revolves around the horrifying events that take place between the SAW and SAW II movies. Detective David Tapp gets ensnared in a rundown asylum by Jigsaw, the serial killer who ruined his life and killed his long-time friend with one of his deadly traps. This time, its Tapp’s turn to face the music and Jigsaw has planned to play a deadly game with him. Tapp must escape the lethal traps and complex puzzles to unravel the secret behind Jigsaw’s motives. But, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Detective Tapp also has to save other victims who, strangely, have some connection with his survival. If you, as Tapp, overcome his dangerous traps and survive you may discover the truth that has not being revealed by any of the SAW movies.

Game Mechanics

Don’t expect a mindless button mashing action out of this game. Saw: The Video Game is not action-oriented, but is an adventure game with a combination of very difficult puzzles, some combat and loads of mini games.

According to developers at Zombie Studios, the game is as mysterious as the movie. There are no introductions, no cut-scenes, or any tutorials. You will straightaway find yourselves trapped in the abandoned asylum struggling with a reverse bear trap, one of the favorite traps of Jigsaw. You will have to get rid of this before the timer activates the mechanism attached to your mouth, thus ripping your jaws open. Developers have “strictly” added no hints to the game. They argue that everything in on the screen, and players have to observe every part of any trap device to come up with a solution.

There are various other deceptive puzzle traps that require more logic and some common sense. You will also get access to old case files in the asylum that may help you to know more about Jigsaw. Just like the movie Saw: The Videogame will force you to make moral decisions. The decisions you make will determine the outcome. The developers say that Saw: The Video Game has several paths to choose and multiple endings. This makes it more engaging and may result into a good adventure game.

Saw: The Videogame Screenshots

Screenshot 1: The Reverse Bear Trap

Screenshot 2

screenshot 3


The visuals of Saw: The Video Game will make you feel like you are playing a typical survival horror game. Saw: The Videogame is powered by the Unreal Engine 3. After watching the initial demo video on YouTube, I think the environments and characters are pretty well modeled and rendered. The game looks promising from the graphics perspective. However, the some graphics may be disturbing. Surely this game is not for kids.

With a great plot, challenging puzzles and some eerie secrets Saw: The Videogame has the potential for becoming an excellent adventure game. The game will be released by Konami, which is popular for releasing survival horror games like Silent Hill. There are also plans of equally impressive multiplayer games by Zombie Studios. Let’s see how it fares well in the Xbox 360 Platform. Will it prove to be an inspiring horror game or will it be another movie-inspired dud? Let’s pray for its survival!

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