Dead Island Guide To Enemies

Dead Island Guide To Enemies
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Better Come Prepared

In Banoi, you’ll mostly face the undead. Each type has a different way of fighting, strengths and weaknesses. You’ll meet anything from crawling Walkers and Thugs, to the speedier Infested who’ll leap at your juicy neck as soon as the chance presents itself.

Zombies are not the only thing you’ll have to worry about though, as a few scattered survivors have managed to stave off the infection. Most survivors are hostile and you’ll need to fight them too, though of course there are still good people around.

Listed below are all enemy types you will encounter in the game, likely meeting places where they spring up and concise information on how to best defeat them. Get ready for some ugly sights and keep your lights on.

Undead Baddies


These are the most common type of enemy on Banoi, and you will encounter them since the very beginning. Walkers are what you’ll be fighting most of the time and, later on, there will be tougher encounters. The undead will be your most difficult foes in the game, with the hardest one having as much as 12000 HP (in its highest levels). The enemies are listed in order of difficulty, being determined by the enemy’s overall health at level 1.

Infected – All zombies will try to cling onto you, if they catch you, and attempt to chew on your face. Infected are no exception; the fact that they spot you from farther away and run towards you in erratic fashion, makes them difficult to avoid at times. Luckily they are easy to kill, particularly if you have a shotgun or similar weapon. Recently infected people look fairly normal from far away, making the distinction somewhat more difficult.

Suiciders – Suiciders have mutated strangely, and are bloated with gases. They explode when attacked, so you should always do it from a distance, by throwing weapons, explosives or shooting. They can actually be useful in taking out a horde of surrounding walkers or similar. You will likely first encounter one during the “Black Hawk Down” quest, in Chapter 3 of Act 1.

Walkers – The most common type of zombie who, unlike Infected, cannot run towards you, and only crawl at slow pace like good old fashioned rotten-goons. Walkers can attack with weapons too by throwing them from a distance, and at times you’ll see one emanating noxious fumes which can cause you to cough and stop attacking. The fact that they are always in groups makes the fight tiresome, but they are always easy to kill with a blast to the head, or by kicking them down to the floor.

Floater – You’ll first see this nasty when you enter the sewers beneath Moresby, in “Let the waters flow” which is part of the main quest. Floaters spit toxic waste at you, a bit like the Lying Figures in Silent Hill 2, and it is wise to dodge the noxious puddle and attack from a distance. Save your ammo for these lovelies and make sure you don’t go near them.

Thugs – You will encounter your first Thug in the Lifeguard Tower, if you are doing “Exodus” in Act 1. Thugs are slower than Walkers, have more HP and are powerful if they hit you. Don’t let them connect or get ready to get knocked down to the floor.

Ram – You’ll meet a Ram in the church at the beginning of Act 2. Rams charge at you as soon as they spot you, so it is good to time your dodge and attack them when they are stunned. Stand somewhere like a wall or gate, let them hit, and while they are stunned attack the back of their head. Never attack a Ram from the front as it’s useless.

Butcher – These are hard to kill and they can dodge and counterattack to boot. You’ll find them in the Jungles of Banoi, precisely the “Chasing Shadows” quest in Afram’s camp. It’s a good idea to use modded weapons and fury attacks with the Butcher, though masters of melee and close-quarter combat can attempt to give it a run for its money.

Survivor Baddies

Afran’s Soldiers

The large majority of survivors are bad news, since they are gangs, militant groups, looters or paranoid policemen. Of course, there are good survivors too, like people who just wish to be escorted or the all important quest givers. The good news is that all the surviving groups have the same HP, though they sport different weapons. Here are the enemies who weren’t infected with a virus:

Punks – Punks are likely to be found in Moresby, whether in the streets or occupying an abandoned building. You’ll find them in the Police Station, upstairs, and eventually will face their leader Rage Machine. They will mostly have firearms, and most likely guns; those that don’t will rush at you with machetes or knives. Like all survivors, the ones who have weapons will not rush at you, but use walls and cover intelligently. Time to get out whatever gun or rifle you have, blast away and replace whatever ammo you expended.

Jungle Muggers – These guys were already mugging before the situation got out of control, and they certainly aren’t stopping now. Muggers like to hide and ambush passers-by, so it’s best to be aware when in the Jungle. If you are caught flat footed, run seeking for cover, heal and pick them off at will.

Afran’s Soldiers – You won’t see these guys until sometime into Act 3, when you do the “Soldier of Fortune” quest which sees you killing Afran in Afran’s village. You can sneak up and cut their throat – desperate times, desperate measures and all that – or engage in a gun battle. Being soldiers, it won’t be easy, particularly because they are well equipped, but at least you can get plenty of ammo back.

Policeman – You’ll meet them at the prison, and they will attack on sight like any other hostile. You can pick up quite a bit of gear like ammo and fire power. Just aim for the head as they are well armored.

BIDF Soldier – They will appear at the very last stages of the game, and are there to stop you escaping from Banoi in fear of contamination. Make sure you take your time with these guys as they have all the right equipment and can shoot too. Usually take cover, then aim for the head and quickly pick up whatever is left behind and move onto the next target.

OK, Now Go…

Don’t Turn Around Now!

That’s every hostile you’ll meet in the game, so don’t say we didn’t warn you and you were caught unaware. Remember it is wise to save ammo for the real tough ones, and just chop down infected and walkers with your melee weapon of choice. You’ll also have the possibility of modding these melee weapons once you have access to crafting tables. Doing so will make them more powerful, and you’ll have lesser difficulty in dusting lesser zombies off.

Now get out there and show them who’s boss!


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