Dead Island Guide - Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns

Dead Island Guide - Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns
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Something’s Rotten in Banoi

Literally. In this recent ghoul fest, continuing a tradition in the industry which dates back to Beast Busters or Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you’ll be free to roam the mythological land of Banoi, at least mythological by name. Of course, mindless drones – head-stuffed with mangy matter like rotten manicotti – will accompany you throughout your stroll, hoping to get a bite of something or other.

In the ubiquitous zombie apocalypse you won’t only have to worry about thugs or suiciders, but also the few remaining survivors. These include punks, muggers and even the police, though some time later in the campaign. Guns are somewhat rare in the game, as the combat is heavily melee based bearing more emphasis on survival, but there are some powerful weapons to be discovered.

This article will not focus on crafting or mods, but simply the type and locations of the fire power available in the game. Weapons do wear down and you’ll have access to crafting tables to repair them, as well as mod them should you be equipped with the right items.

Keep reading if you’ve grown tired of bashing those goons with spiked clubs or rusted hammers.



Guns are easy to come by, even at the beginning of the game, although even the defective weapons require you to be a certain level before equipping. If you have beaten the game at least once and are replaying with the same character, pistols will spawn in metal chests in the Resort area. You can get a revolver in the Prologue by completing the “Omar’s Escort” side quest in the Royal Palms Resort Hotel.

Here are the main pistols available for the game:

Pistol – This gun is modelled after a Beretta M9 and like any other weapon it comes in various conditions. Likely the early pistols will be either flimsy, defective or unreliable while in the second act you will get better weapons. Each condition grade requires the player to be a different level. This gun is useful for keeping enemies at bay for its rapid fire rate, but doesn’t do very much damage though it can still be helpful early on.

Revolver – According to sources it is modeled after a .38 calibre Astra, and has the same range as the standard pistol with a slower fire rate. You can find it at the Diamond Bungalows area, or by completing the quest above. It also has the possibility of respawning like other weapons.

Heavy Pistol – Essentially a Desert Eagle Mk. I, with fast fire rates, faster reload speeds and a 9 round clip. You can find it once in Moresby by completing “In Cold Blood” found at Mugambe’s house.

Magnum – The cruel, slaughtering or Trusty Magnum can be found by completing the “Rotting Flesh” quest given by Mowen in Mingende. It’s a powerful weapon and will always be a blue color. Weapons in the game are graded by color: gray for common, blue for rare, purple for epic and orange for legendary.

There is also McCall’s 9MM which is very rare, and cannot be obtained in any particular area. The weapon spawns at will in any of the metal chests in the game.

Rifles and Shotguns

Franchi Spas

Shotguns at short-range are lethal, though misfortune has it that the ammo isn’t very easy to find. By pointing at a zombie’s head with a shotgun, it will explode and leave them doing the twist. Rifles are the best weapons in the game, particularly once you get your hands on the burst units.

Auto Rifle – Mainly modeled after the AKS, fully automatic with good medium and short ranges damage. You can use pop-shots at long ranges if your aim isn’t too rusty, and you’ll find it equally as good. To get the weapon you can complete “Chasing Shadows” given by Matutero in the Jungle map, or find one on Rage Machine in the Police Station.

Single-Shot Rifle – Semi-automatic with high damage and a medium fire rate, it is best used at long distances for devastating damage. If you are twitchy you can fire quite rapidly with it too. In Moresby you can find thugs who equip these, though it’s harder to find their orange counterparts. You may also be able to get one from Florencio’s warehouse on the same map.

Burst Rifle – This has a high fire rate with burst of 4 rounds and the highest accuracy compared to any other weapon. It can spawn at various locations like Afran’s Soldiers, Jungle Muggers or guards at the prison.

Shotgun – Shotgun and Short Shogun are a combination of two or more weapons in terms of looks. The Medium Shotgun looks like a Franchi SPAS and the Fast Shotgun is modeled after a Benelli M3. You can find a shotgun by completing the “Wet Job” quest.

That’s All

Zombie Meeting its Fate

These are the main guns regardless of the variations in color that indicate rarity. There are also Molotov cocktails in the game, which you can find easily by completing the “Born to be Wild” quest given by the character John Sinamoi, located in the Lifeguard Tower. Remember that ammo for some guns and rifles may not be easy to come by, and firearms are much more effective if you are using Purna as your main character.

As previously mentioned, the game’s combat element focuses heavily on melee weapons, as most of the characters are not specialized in firearms. With this introductory guide to Dead Island weapons, you should have no trouble finding a good gun and clocking your first playthrough with Purna.

Lastly, since the game is new, any advice regarding firearms and their locations is appreciated. Please use the comment section below if you’ve found anything we missed here.