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Heavy Rain Walkthrough: Prologue - Hassan's Shop Scenes (Part 1)

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a walkthrough for the entire game of Heavy Rain. It is assumed that you wish to try and get a good ending. It covers how to get a good game ending while guiding the adventures of Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden, Scott Shelby and Madison Paige as they struggle to find the Origami Killer and Shaun.

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    Heavy Rain Walkthrough: Ethan Mars - Prologue

    Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars during the Prologue. When the game first begins, you'll be in control of Ethan Mars who's just woken up. Move the right analog stick up, to get him out of bed. Follow the on-screen button prompts and it's up to you if you wish to look outside. There's no need to though. Instead, you can look at the picture to get a feel for Ethan and his life. There's also a note on the floor by the door that you should pick up and read.

    Next, leave the bedroom and go into the room to the right, which is the bathroom. Take a shower, by pressing the right analog stick down when prompted and follow the prompts. Leave and head back into the bedroom to get changed. Head downstairs. I'd recommend going to the study and working, which is directly south of the staircase and to the right. Then get yourself a drink from the kitchen area and sit down to watch television. Mainly, you just want to do something to pass the time after working, until Ethan's family comes home.

    Help Grace with the shopping when they arrive, then set the plates when she asks. Then go outside and play with the children in the garden. I chose to let Jason win the sword fight. Head inside then and when Shaun's not at the table, go upstairs and interact with him.

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    Heavy Rain Walkthrough: Ethan Mars - The Mall

    When you gain control, follow Jason. When paying for a balloon, follow the on-screen prompts. Go down the escalators when Jason's dissapeared. Follow the red balloon and when a lot of them disperse, turn around and move to the one that's visible. Then follow the one heading outside.

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    Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - Father and Son

    Heavy Rain: Ethan with his son, Shaun. When you gain control, walk to the car and get in, then drive off. In the house, get the mail first by the door. Then go to the kitchen and look at what's on the blackboard and then talk to Shaun, asking if he wants a snack. Then get him one. Sit down then and watch the television. Then get up and talk to Shaun, choosing the ill option first. Go upstairs to the bathroom and get the medicine. Then take it down. Ask if he wants to talk, then the homework option. Select now. Then join Shaun at the table. Then when he's done, move to him and check the homework and then ask about dinner when he's sat down again. Prepare the food. If you want, you can pick up a few apples from the bowl and juggle them. Then sit down while Shaun eats. He'll head back to the television and select the 'bed?' option, then no. Follow him up and wait outside the bathroom. Wind the curtain down and select the goodnight option. Go back down and grab the teddy, which is in the room next to the kitchen. Then take it up and give it Shaun. Tuck him in and close the door, then head to bed.

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    Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - Sleazy Place

    When you gain control, head into the building. Go to the office and ask about Lauren Winter, then offer some money. Go up to the stairs to the room mentioned. Don't take no as an answer from Lauren. Leave your money on the table and talk to her. Select convince, then persist and trick. Next, it doesn't really matter what you choose here. Leave your card on the table, before leaving. Don't panic when Scott starts grasping at his throat. Just follow the onscreen prompts and bang on Lauren's door when you hear the screaming. Keep doing so until you get in and a fight will occur. It's not a life or death situation so again, don't worry. The scene'll end after the fight.

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    Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Crime Scene

    Heavy Rain: Clues by the hill and tracks. Get out of the car when you gain control and proceed to the police barrier. Show your ID, then ask about Blake and go under the barrier to reach the crime scene. Okay, there's no need to properly investigate the scene here using ARI. Instead, turn to the left and head to the guy standing in the far corner, that stands out from the rest of the cops. Select Blake when you reach him, then followhim around talking. Next, head to the tent. Look inside and press R1. Examine the clues/body. Leave the tent and examine the nearby clues. Go to the train tracks, where the hill is. Press R1 there and examine the clues (see the image provided for the clues). Head up the hill. Press R1 at the top and examine the clues. Then head to your car to end the scene.

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    Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Shrink

    This scene is short. Choose bat (I wasn't a 100% sure about this one), fox, crab and then death. Walk over to the shrink's table then and when you get a choice, choose unhappy, dead and then no.

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    Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Park

    Go through all of the options here leaving hungry until last. Get up and grab the boomerang from Shaun's bag, then throw it. Catch it, you do this twice. Then help Shaun. Next, go to the seesaw and use it. Now the merry-go-round. Select leave and follow Shaun, then buy a ticket for the carousel at the booth. Go back to Shaun and the carousel will start moving.

    When you regain control, you'll have to dodge a truck. Next, yell for Shaun and run to the left. Shaun's gone and if you look around the area, you'll see his bag. Interact with it and then leave the area. Yell for Shaun and check upstairs.

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    Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - Where's Shaun?

    When you regain control, you'll have to dodge a truck. Next, yell for Shaun and run to the left. Shaun's gone and if you look around the area, you'll see his bag. Interact with it and then leave the area. Yell for Shaun and check upstairs.

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    Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Welcome, Norman!

    Select the take long option. Then move the right analog stick in a upwards motion, following the on-screen instructions so you can pass the time by playing a game. Follow the captain and do his tie when he asks. Now you can check in on the press conference, but it's not necessary. So, go to speak with the woman near where you sat. Select the watch, accept then office options. Follow her. Interact with the desk, then sit. Move the right analog stick to the right, then up in a curving motion. Then follow the next prompt. It doesn't matter what you choose here for the first option. Clear when happy with the background, select clues. Analyse everything and select all options. Clear all and select files. Open and read everything, selecting every option. Close ARI down then.

    Next, try to keep calm and don't take the drug. Head out of the office and go left to the restroom.

    Answer the questions as Ethan.

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    Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - Hassan's Shop

    Heavy Rain: Hassan's Shop. Lean on the counter where Hassan is and talk to him, then follow the directions Hassan gave for the inhaler. Now then, take the closest aisle and move to the robber quietly. When you reach him, the robber will turn around but you can get through the fight without any trouble.

    Open the box when prompted and the scene will end.

Heavy Rain Walkthrough

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