Heavy Rain Walkthrough: Sleepless Night - Nathaniel

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Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - Sleepless Night

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige.When you gain control, check the time and turn the television off, then get up. For a bit of insight into her character, hold down the L2 button and go through her thoughts. Now, in case you don’t like rude scenes, I’d advise choosing the sleep option. So, head down the stairs to the left of the television (behind it) and enter the room with the clothes, then lie down on the bed. She won’t be able to sleep though, so go to the computer and try to do some work. After you hear noises, go back up the stairs and take the door to the left of the television. Then, head back out. Head to the door in the opposite direction. Try it and then move to the fridge. Close it and head to the front door. Go through thr QTE event when it occurs.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - Paparazzi

You’ll now be in control of Ethan, who has reporters outside his house. Pick up the letter and read it. Put it down then and head out of the back door to avoid the press. Take the stairs down to the garden and move right. Vault over the fence and go to your car. Get in and drive off.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - Lexington Station

You’ll now be at a station. Keep your cool and move forwards. Keep following Jason and the red balloon here. After the weird sequence ends, go to the luggage lockers. Look at your card when the X button appears on the screen. Line 18, box number 3. Go straight down the path and turn left at the end. Continue moving forwards and again turn left. You’ll find the locker a bit further down. Take the box.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Motel

Stand up and sit down in the chair by the box on the table. Open it and examine the objects. When you get up, put the box under the bed. Now before moving onto to the next scene, if you want to stand the best chance of getting a good ending, you need to complete at least four of the five trials. So, keep that in mind. The guide will list the location for Shaun later, but I’m not sure if failing a lot of the trials will have an adverse effect even if you know the location.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Kick Off Meeting

Go through the dialog as Norman. Pressing the triangle button will change the picture on the slide-show. Normally, when I play this scene, I start out calm but go more aggressive towards Blake as he continues to push Norman’s buttons. Choose the geo-profiling option when it crops up. Then rainfall.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Nathaniel

Heavy Rain: Nathaniel.Knock on the door repeatedly, then enter. Listen to the dialog and when it ends, investigate. First, check the table in the main room, then the picture of Christ and the bookshelf underneath it. Go to the shrine like object then. Go into the room opposite the table. Again, examine everything, then go into the next room from there. In the kitchen, there are plates with what seems like blood on them. Eventually, the owner will come back.

Select the crucifix option, occupation and alibi. Then select the intervene options. To resolve the situation, select phsychology twice, gun down and then voice, followed by back off. Then drop gun.

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - Suicide Baby

Heavy Rain: On the job.Move forwards and knock on the door, ring the bell and look through the window. Try the door and then go down the stairs. Go around the house and use the back door. Select Mrs. Bowles, then call. Look at the note. Open the door to the right and then the next one. Break it down and go through the prompts. Put her on the bed and go to the bathroom for dressings and bandage her wounds. Wash your hands first, then go to the baby. Pick her up and go through the prompts. Now go and retrieve the bottle where you entered the house and give it to the baby, again following the prompts. Then return to the mother, then the livingroom after the conversation. The drawer is right by the baby. Leave then.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Bear

Talk to the mechanic. Take the elevator down after you get the keys from the counter. Move forwards a bit and press the circle button when prompted. You’ll see that you have the keys to the car towards the end, on the left. Get in and go through the button prompts, then drive off. This is the first trial. It’s important you don’t fail this. All you need to do is drive down the road at a high speed and follow the button prompts to avoid crashing into cars. So, select the Shaun option and then hope. Drive then. When you crash, make sure you get the item from the glove box before escaping.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - First Encounter

When you gain control, go into the reception and ring the bell to get a room. When you leave, take the stairs to the right in front of your motorcycle. Carry on going right while following the path until you come across more stairs. Take them and head right. Help Ethan to his room. Help him take his clothes off when you set him on the bed. Go to the bathroom and get some medicine to help clean his wounds. Press the right analog stick up to get something to disinfect his wounds. Next, press the right analog stick down back at the cabinet after his wounds are disinfected. Give him the painkillers. Help him to the bathroom then. Wait for him to come out, choosing the different dialog options while you converse. When Madison leaves, grab the box from under the bed and sit down at the table again and open the box to find where the next trial is.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Covered Market

Heavy Rain: Norman and Blake talk while waiting for a suspect.When prompted to choose what to say in the car, I enjoy choosing the ironic option. The smile is priceless. Get out of the car when you spot the suspect and a chase will begin. Try your best to do well at this sequence. When you come to the place where the meat is, head in and move around until a QTE begins. Again, do your best here with the button prompts during the fight sequence.