Heavy Rain Walkthru: A Visitor - The Nurse

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Heavy Rain Walkthru: Scott Shelby - A Visitor

Heavy Rain: Scott and his visitor.When you gain control, feel free to look in the draws after waking him up. Personally, I’d turn the light on and check the file out on the table. Then stand and feel free to look around. You need to find something to do to pass the time until a visitor knocks on Scott’s door. Answer it when someone rings the bell. Ask her if she wishes to take a seat. Sit opposite her. Listen to the dialog and look at the letter, which will prompt Scott to say there’s nothing of interest, except the address which was typed by an typewriter. It doesn’t matter what you choose when she asks to work with Scott.

Heavy Rain Walkthru: Scott Shelby - Kramer’s Party

Get out of the car and head to the front door. Head inside. Go to the left first after talking with Lauren. The guards will stop you from going to see Kramer. Now move to the right and you’ll find a drunk guy standing by a pillar, wearing a white suit. Say hey to him and you can now go and see Kramer. Once up the stairs, move to the left onto the landing and open the big doors. Walk over to the television, then back past the people sat down. If you don’t start talking with them, wait around and it should trigger. I chose the factual option when the women left and then sarcastic. A fight sequence will occur then. Do your best to do well.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Butterfly

Heavy Rain: The Butterfly trial.Get out of the car and move around the building to the left. Walk along the fence until a button prompt comes up. Follow the prompts and move north-east. Open the door and then turn the wheel inside. Open the metal door and grab the matches, then head inside. The door will shut, so move on. When you crawl on the glass and reach the end of that part of the tunel, follow the on-screen prompt to light a match. Go right. Go left next. Left again. Then right. The way out is just ahead. Get up and slide down the tunnel/chute. Again, get up.

Hop down and move down the screen until you reach the pylons prompting you to hold the X button down. Move forwards twice, then turn left. If you can’t see the button prompt, it should be triangle. Move forwards/north then. Then move forwards again and you’re done. Again, this is a trial you really should pass.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - The Nurse

Help Ethan to bed, then sit beside him and check his wounds. Get up then and get the medicine etc. Treat the wounds. When he wakes up, choose the no choice option, then truth and explanations. Then sorry and help. Again, open the box when she leaves for the next trial location and clue as to what it entails.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Shrink and Punches

Heavy Rain: Norman and Blake visit Ethan’s shrink.Listen to the dialog between the characters and move Norman to the chair, so he can lean on it. Select the move shrink option, then help and calm Blake. Try to reason with Blake, then threaten.

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - The Golf Club

Walk to where the guard is and talk to the man playing golf. Do as the man asks and hit a few balls while talking. There’s no choices to make here, so just listen to the dialog and swing the golf club.

Heavy Rain: Ethan Mars - The Lizard

When you’re standing at the top of some stairs in a run-down building, loon on the floor and you’ll see some lizard like objects. Move to the dark green one just in front of you. Smash it and pick up the key. Go to the door and use the key. Open it and sit down, using the object. Listen to what’s said. You’re on a timer, so pick up the saw to the right on the floor (and yes, this is another trial you should complete). Place it on the table. Pick the object to the left up then and again place it on the table. Go to the window and pick the object there up. Go into the bathroom and pick the scissors up in the sink. Take the bottle from the cabinet in the bathroom then. Go into the last room and pick up the cleaver. Now the pick up the bottle in the cabinet there. Now sit down. Pick up the wooden plank and pop it in your mouth. Use the saw (at least I did). Use the bottle then (not the whiskey bottle). Look under the table then and grab the item for more letters. Use it. Then leave.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - Fugitive

Heavy Rain: Madison helps Ethan escape.When you gain control of Madison, get off the bike and head into the building with a grey’ish/blue’ish door. Move to the right of Ethan and shift the boards blocking the window. You have to be quick here. Try to open/look through the window. Next, move the crate just in front of Ethan. Open the window and help Ethan out.

Next, move straight on, weaving through the cars. Head into the subway. Keep moving forward and use the turnstile with a green arrow. Move down a ways after the escalator and hop down onto the tracks. Go to the opposite side and take the train.

Back at the hotel, when you get the chance, choose the followed option and then what you wish to say. I didn’t choose to say anything. When she leaves, open the box again for the next trial’s location and such.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Jayden Blues

Follow the button prompts to play the piano and listen to the dialog. Afterwards, go through all of the ARI options and make sure you don’t miss anything. When he starts suffering from withdrawal symptoms, don’t take the drug and follow the button prompt, while heading to the bathroom. Use the shower.