Asura Title Guide in Guild Wars

Asura Title Guide in Guild Wars
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Titles and Guild Wars

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Titles in Guild Wars are a way to show off a player’s achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. However, players can only achieve a maximum of 43 on any given character. The two titles that collide with each other are Survivor and Defender of Ascalon. You cannot get Defender of Ascalon without dying and you cannot die to get Survivor. So to get one the character will miss out on getting the other.

Titles are displayed under the Guild Wars character’s name. To view titles in progress or to see those that are completed tap the “h” key while in game and a screen will come up with a tab that allows you an overview of all your titles. Players can also change which title is displayed on their character from this screen as well.

Asura Title

The Asura title is a title that can only be obtained in the Eye of the North campaign of Guild Wars. This title focuses on obtaining Asura Reputation Points.

There are 10 tiers to the Asura title.

Eternal Bookah Guild Wars

  • 1- 1,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Smelly
  • 2- 4,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Dopey
  • 3- 8,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Clumsy
  • 4- 16,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Boring
  • 5- 26,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Annoying
  • 6- 40,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Grumpy
  • 7- 56,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Silly
  • 8- 80,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Lazy
  • 9- 110,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Foolish
  • 10- 160,000 Reputation Points – Not Too Shabby


Many titles in the Guild Wars game offer benefits to the player and Asura is one of them. When a character starts rising in the ranks they will receive additional merchant (armor, consumable, and weaponsmith) services and buffs to their Asura skills.

  • Rank 1 – Not Too Shabby – Edification Title Effect
  • Rank 3 – Not Too Clumsy – Consumable Merchant Kwat
  • Rank 4 – Not Too Boring – Weaponsmith Merchant Nojj
  • Rank 5 – Not Too Annoying – Armor Merchant Klub


Talk to Lexx the Asuran Talent Scout in Rata Sum to receive the Edification title effect for your characters.


Every title in Guild Wars is a direct reflection of how that person plays his or her own personal game. Some titles focus on Player versus


Environment (PvE), others focus on social orientation, and some on Player versus Player (PvP) game play. The list of titles seems almost endless.

There are many different ways to obtain the Asura title in Guild Wars. Choose the one that works the best with your game play style. Note that at tier 8 in this title characters will no longer be allowed to get Asura Reputation Points in normal mode.

  • The Asuran Bodyguard effect gives Asura Reputation Point bonuses
  • Completing Asura quests
  • Play the Polymock game
  • Tarnished Coast Dungeons give out Asura Reputation Points
  • Vanquishing Tarnished Coast areas gives out Asura Reputation Points
  • Hero’s Handboo
  • Master Dungeon Guide
  • Specific Zashien Bounties
  • Specific Zashien Missions

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