How to Rune and Gear Your Warrior at Level 20 in Guild Wars

How to Rune and Gear Your Warrior at Level 20 in Guild Wars
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Character Introduction

Guild Wars is an online MMO that offers players a world of devastatingly beautiful PvE and downright brutal PvP. When a player’s character reaches level 20 it is time to begin developing their maximum potential with builds and armor. Warriors are a tank class in Guild Wars.

The Warrior is an upfront damage dealer that holds the front lines to protect casters while in combat. Warriors use energy and adrenalin to power their fighting skills. From PvE to PvP a Warrior is a formidable opponent for any other character class.

Typically staying in the front of a group to fight the Warrior is also known for offering differing kinds of protection and buffs for parties. The Warrior is arguably the strongest fighting class in Guild Wars. Primarily utilizing a sword, axe, or mace and sword the Warrior can hack through any group of monsters with ease.

Armor Selection

With many different armor types being offered and specifically designed for the Warrior class players can customize their characters to their liking. Level 20 characters need to get “maxed” armor for their Warriors unless the specific build or farm requires otherwise. Maxed armor for Warriors is 80.

Here is a list of the different maxed armor types and where to obtain each:

  • Obsidian Armor: The Fissure of Woe

  • Asuran Elite: Rata Sum

  • Deldrimor Elite: Central Transfer Chamber

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  • Monument Elite: Eye of the North Outpost

  • Norn Elite: Gunnar’s Hold

  • Ancient Elite: Bone Palace

  • Sunspear Elite: Command Post

  • Primeval Elite: Throne of Secrets

  • Vabbian Elite: The Kodash Bazaar

  • Canthan Elite: Divine Path

  • Kurzick Elite: Vasburg Armory

  • Luxon Elite: Leviathan Pits

  • Judge Elite: Granite Citadel

  • Saintly Elite: Marhan’s Grotto

  • Woven Elite: Granite Citadel

  • Flowing Elite: Granite Citadel

  • Labyrinthine Elite: Marhan’s Grotto

  • Tyrian Standard: Droknar’s Forge, Wajjun Bazaar, and Boreal Station

  • Istani Standard: Consulate Docks or Command Post

  • Sunspear Standard: Consulate Docks or Command Post

  • Canthan Standard: Kaineng Center

  • Kurzick Standard: House zu Heltzer

  • Luxon Standard: Cavalon

  • Shing Jea Standard: Kaineng Center

  • Ascalon Standard: Kaineng Center

  • Krytan Standard: Bukdek Byway

  • Censor Standard: Droknar’s Forge

  • Dragon Standard: Droknar’s Forge

  • Sacred Standard: Droknar’s Forge

  • Star Standard: Droknar’s Forge

  • Woven Standard: Droknar’s Forge

It will not matter if a player has standard or elite armor as long as the armor is maxed.

Rune Selection

Runes are in game items that upgrade a character’s armor in the Guild Wars game. Insignias work with runes by applying modifiers to each armor piece. Armor pieces can have 1 rune and 1 insignia applied to it; head, chest, hands, legs, feet. This allows for 5 runes and 5 insignias for each armor set. You can remove and change runes on a character’s armor but it is very expensive to do so.

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Runes can be obtained from Rune Merchants in the Guild Wars game, loot from drops, or salvages from armor pieces. Some runes are stackable and others are not, however, if two of the same runes are applied the negative benefits will occur but not the positive. So if the runes are giving a +3 buff and -75 health and there are two on instead of getting +6 buff the player receives -125 health and +3 buff.

Warrior Runes and Insignias


  • Knight’s Insignia
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia
  • Stonefist Insignia
  • Dreadnought Insignia
  • Sentinel’s Insignia

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  • Minor Absorption
  • Minor Tactics
  • Minor Strength
  • Minor Axe Mastery
  • Minor Hammer Mastery
  • Minor Swordsmanship


  • Major Absorption
  • Major Tactics
  • Major Strength
  • Major Axe Mastery
  • Major Hammer Mastery
  • Major Swordsmanship


  • Superior Absorption
  • Superior Tactics
  • Superior Strength
  • Superior Axe Mastery
  • Superior Hammer Mastery
  • Superior Swordsmanship

Attributes and Builds

A Warrior’s attributes center around their core profession as well as any other second professions that is active. The maximum Warrior attribute level, with armor, runes, and other items equipped can be 21 for PvE and 17 for PvP.

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Attributes and builds work together as one. The attributes will be focused primarily around 2-3 specific strains and the skills chosen for the character’s build will be from those attributes. If a Warrior is carrying a sword they want to specialize in swords and pick skills for their bar that are sword skills. The Warriors special attribute is Strength.

The basic Warrior attributes explained:

  1. Strength – Special attribute; each Strength point allows Warriors to gain armor penetration while using attacks.
  2. Swordsmanship – Increases the success rate of critical hits with a sword.
  3. Axe Mastery – Increases the success rate of critical hits with an axe.
  4. Hammer Mastery – Increases the success rate of critical hits with a hammer.
  5. Tactics – Attribute designed to give aid to parties. Increases the effectiveness of stances and shouts.

Builds will be categorized as sword, axe, hammer, strength, as well as tactics and should always consist of 1 elite skill to compliment the rest of the items being used.

Second Professions and Elite Skills

Upon reaching the max level 20 in Guild Wars a Warrior is going to want to get all the second professions available to them in the game to build potential. Each different profession will give players an opportunity to gain new and different skills. There are 9 different second classes available to the Warrior; Dervish, Paragon, Assassin, Ritualist, Monk, Ranger, Necromancer, Mesmer, and Elementalist.

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A multitude of zones and areas in the Guild Wars game gives players an opportunity to capture elite skills for their primary and secondary professions. Skills are captured after killing a boss at which time the Warrior will use a Signet of Capture, available from Rune Merchants in Guild Wars towns and outposts, and gain the skill he or she was seeking. Every build should have at least one elite skill in it.

Combining Attributes, Builds, Runes, and Armor: Explained

Each character in the Guild Wars game needs to be coordinated with their weapons, armor and attributes. Tanking Warriors who want to utilize a sword would:

  • Obtain a weapon Req. 9-12 Swordsmanship with stats in strength or swordsmanship
  • Obtain maxed armor, with headgear for swordsmanship
  • Insignias and runes for swordsmanship and strength
  • Attributes set in strength and swordsmanship
  • The build used would determine the second profession of the Warrior
  • Swordsmanship elite skill
  • Build with skills that focus on swordsmanship and strength.

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Furthermore, if a Warrior wanted to use an axe instead of sword they will follow the same concept but with axe weapons, skills, armor, and attributes. It is possible to mix and match skills, however, this is not seen as beneficial for character play and should be avoided.

Making heads or tails of gaming termonolgy when listening or talking to other players in Guild Wars. Try reading the MMO Gaming Dictionary on; Combat Terminology, Character Terminology, and Gaming Terminology for additional tips and insite for the game.