Guild Wars Will Change Everything You Think You Know About MMO's

Guild Wars Will Change Everything You Think You Know About MMO's
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Why Should I Check Out Guild Wars?

Are you thinking about giving Guild Wars a try? Before even going any further you need to first toss aside everything you think you know about MMO’s, because the ideas and concepts behind Guild Wars will really throw you for a loop. The first thing that needs to be mentioned about Guild Wars is the fact that once you purchase the game there are no fees to be paid each month, something that is totally different from most of the other MMO’s.

The next thing that is well worth mentioning is that in Guild Wars you wont be spending a lot of time crafting or any of those other mundane task that seem to take forever to get done just to get back to the real things you want to do, like oh…questing. For many MMO players, you have to ask yourself what is really going on with Guild Wars. The answer is simple, Guild Wars has ironed out all those things that in other MMO’s drives players batty!

Guild Wars


Guild Wars

Getting Started on Guild Wars

When you first log on to Guild Wars you are dropped in a land called Tyria. This is actually a sort of tutorial zone that helps you get acquainted with how to quest and to get an idea of other players that are online with you. Once you get done with this area you will then be transferred several years in time to a brand new land that is much, much different from the land of Tyria where people were laughing, playing and enjoying life. This new land is quite different.

In this new world on Guild Wars you are surrounded by both new and seasoned players who are interested in the same common goal. All around you there is a war that is happening and it is up to you to fight against it. This type of play is similar to other MMO’s since it holds the same set up, you fight, you gain experience, you gain levels and you get new powers. Not a hard set up to follow and Guild Wars hasn’t strayed from the overall basic set up most MMO’s have.

A Secondary Profession on Guild Wars

There is something else you need to know about Guild Wars. You know how in many games you create a character, take him out on the field, play a few levels only to realize that although you make a Warrior you would have rather been something else? In Guild Wars you don’t have to run back to the drawing board and start all over with a new character! In Guild Wars you get to choose a secondary profession that will allow you to learn several of the abilities and skills that a different race has. Sounds great right? But wait there is even more! You actually get to try out the classes of characters before you make your choice on your second profession. This means that you wont be heading back to the drawing board anytime soon because this way you can make the right choice the first time around. Guild Wars helps you get it right the first time around so you can keep leveling instead of remaking a new character several times.

No More Waiting in Line

So everything sounds great so far right? Hold on to your sets because there is even more! You know how in many MMO’s you seem to spend a lot of time waiting to actually get into the quest or to get the quest done because there is yet another group ahead of you who is doing the exact same quest at the exact same time? Well that wont happen in Guild Wars. Guild Wars creates your very own unique quest area just for you and your team. This means that the only players doing that particular quest in that particular area is your team. This means you spend less time waiting in line and more time questing, gaining experiences, leveling up and getting new powers, which is what an MMO should really be about, it just seems that Guild Wars is the first one to really figure that out. Guild Wars also has Player vs Player areas and you can choose to create a non-player vs player character if you already know that PvP just isn’t for you.

My Thoughts on Guild Wars

So overall what is my take on Guild Wars? I love the fact that I never have to pay a monthly fee, I never wait in line trying to get a quest done and there is none of that “stuff” that I have to do like crafting that slows down the game play. The bad guys are tough but almost always never too tough to where I just want to get out of the game and walk away. Guild Wars is graphically beautiful. The fact that I can customize my character and enjoy great flowing game play is enough to keep me coming back to play and level in the world of Guild Wars.

If you are still not sure if you want to give Guild Wars a try head on over to Guild and download their free 14 day, 10 hour trial and give it a try yourself. I promise you that you wont be disappointed with Guild Wars.