Guild Wars: War in Kryta Guide

Guild Wars: War in Kryta Guide
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Guild Wars Beyond

The new content that is being released in Guild Wars before the release of Guild Wars 2, is known as “Guild Wars Beyond.” This is an ongoing campaign (that is free of charge to users that already have the campaigns) that adds to the storylines in Guild Wars that shapes how the world will become in Guild Wars 2.

This new content is produced by the Live Team that releases the new content continuously until the release of Guild Wars 2. This is the first released in this ongoing campaign and is discussed in this War in Kryta guide. Further additions that have been announced so far will include: Hearts of the North, and Winds of Change.

War in Kryta

This part of the Guild Wars Beyond campaign was first released in March of 2010. It focuses on the war between the Shining Blade and the White Mantle in Guild Wars: Prophecies. It has a series of quests that are only available one time per character, and exclusive items such as new mini pets, and Oppressor Weapons which are also able to be dedicated in a character’s Hall of Monuments. The repeatable Wanted quests help characters earn the “medals of honor” that are able to be traded in for these Oppressor Weapons.

New Foes and Allies from War in Kryta

This new content is only available to characters that have access to both Guild Wars: Prophecies and Guild Wars: Eye of the North and has also beaten at least one of them.

Guild Wars Queen Salma

Once a character has completed at least one of those areas, new foes appear in the Krytan regions of Tyria. These new enemies include: white mantle units (and bosses), Jade Cloak, Jade Armor, and Peacekeepers.

You will also unlock new allies that join you when you enter into explorable areas. These new allies spawn just outside the outpost and follow your party helping you defeat foes. Shining Blade allies start to spawn for you after you have access to the new content. Ebon Falcons start to spawn for your aid after your character has viewed the dialog from “Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion’s Arch.” Courier Falken will also spawn to help you after you have viewed the dialog from “Livia Recruits Zinn” and he does not count as an “escort.”

New Areas in War in Kryta

This new content also gives your character access to special new areas.

Guild Wars Lion’s Arch Keep

The Shining Blade Camp is where the “Dakutu Village” was in the Talmark Wilderness.

Lion’s Arch Keep is now accessible from Lion’s Arch (after watching the dialogue for “Livia Recruits Zinn”).

Divinity Coast is where Zinn has his laboratory and is accessible by interacting with the “Secret River Passage” in Talmark Wilderness.

Riverside Province explorable area is now accessible by gaining access from Blade Operative Paulina (after Salma is Queen) in the Sanctum Cay outpost.

D’Alessio Seaboard is accessible from Lion’s Arch from Jiaju Tai after Salma is Queen.

War in Kryta Walkthrough

The exciting new content offered isn’t easily followed, unless you know where to look. This War in Kryta walkthrough will help guide you to finish this new area for Guild Wars Beyond.

  1. Accept the “War in Kryta” quest from Murro in Lion’s Arch.

  2. Watch the “Trial of Zinn” which is accessed by completing “Zinn’s Task” or beating Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Speaking with Chark outside of Vlox’s Falls gives access.

  3. Venture to The Shining Blade Camp in the Talmark Wilderness. Listen to the dialogue and then rezone to Tears of the Fallen and zone back into Talmark Wilderness and back to the camp to listen to the second dialogue.

    Guild Wars Wanted Bounty in Lions Arch Keep

  4. Do this zoning again and Livia will recruit Zinn which unlocks access to Lion’s Arch and also gives access to the “Wanted Quests,” access to Divinity Coast, and Courier Falken can give you escort missions.

  5. Complete “Thackeray’s Scavenger Hunt” in the Eye of the North.

  6. Enter Ice Cliff Chasms from the Eye of the North to view “Evennia and the Ebon Vanguard.”

  7. Visit Lion’s Arch Keep to view “Captain Langmar’s arrival in Lion’s Arch” which will also then give random dialogue to view.

  8. Complete 3 required Wanted Bounties that are only available once. These include: Wanted: Inquisitor Lovisa, Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona, and Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer.

  9. Princess Salma gives a series of quests for your to complete in this order:

    1. Riverside Assassination
    2. A Little Help From Above
    3. Temple of the Intolerable
    4. Mustering a Response
    5. The Battle for Lion’s Arch – this completes War in Kryta and gives access to Oppressor’s Weapons.

10. Then you are able to go to the Hall of Monuments from Eye of the North to see “The Fate of Gwen.”

War in Kryta Walkthrough for New Items

There are new items that were introduced with the Krytan war content. These include: war supplies, confessor’s orders, medals of honor, royal gifts, new miniatures, new costumes, unique weapons, and consumables.

War Supplies – received after completing Wanted quests and assisting Courier Falken.

Confessor’s Orders – drop from Peacekeepers and the White Mantle. Can exchange 3 for 1 War Supply.

Medals of Honor – earned by completing some of the War in Kryta quests, and can also be obtained from trading in War Supplies. These Medals of Honor are used to then obtain Opressor’s Weapons.

Guild Wars Miniature Livia

Royal Gifts – these are available by exchanging 15 war supplies and also given in some quests. These gifts can give you a Miniature Evennia, Miniature Livia, Miniature Salma, Krytan Brandy, Shining Blade Rations, Krytan Lokum, or a Shining Blade War Horn.

Miniatures – aside from the new miniatures available by random from the royal gifts, there are also ones that have a low possibility of dropping from White Mantle and Peacekeepers. These include: Miniature Confessor Dorian, Miniature Confessor Isaiah, and a Miniature Peacekeeper Enforcer.

Opressor’s Weapons – these are available after completing War in Kryta in exchange for 15 Medals of Honor. This weapon is able to be dedicated into a character’s Hall of Monuments.

White Mantle and Shining Blade Costumes – these new costumes are available for purchase from the PlayNC store for $6.99 each.