How to Get Guild Wars Bonus Items Codes

How to Get Guild Wars Bonus Items Codes
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How to Unlock the Bonus Items

To gain access to Guild Wars bonus items codes, you need to either preorder the Guild Wars campaigns (which is now unavailable to do so), or purchase the Game of the Year Upgrade or the 1 Million Edition Upgrade.

With all of the Guild Wars bonus item codes, you simply have to type “/bonus” in the chat window while on a character. This puts the items into your inventory and you can use on your character or on your character’s heroes. They do become customized to you, so they may only be used by you or your heroes.

Preorder Bonus Items

For a limited time, bonus items were available for those who preordered the Guild Wars campaigns.

Prophecies preorder bonus items:

Japanese Prophecies preorder bonus items:

  • Bear’s Sloth – Hammer
  • Fox’s Greed – Focus Item
  • Hog’s Gluttony – Shield
  • Lion’s Pride – Focus item
  • Scorpion’s Lust – Bow
  • Snake’s Envy – Staff
  • Unicorn’s Wrath – Wand

Factions preorder bonus items:

  • Dragon Fangs – Daggers
  • Spiritbinder – Staff

Nightfall preorder bonus items:

  • Soulbreaker – Scythe
  • SunspearSpear

Guild Wars Bonus Item Hourglass Staff

Eye of the North preorder bonus items:

  • Darksteel Longbow – Longbow
  • Glacial Blade – Sword
  • Hourglass Staff – Staff

Game of the Year Edition, 2008 Game of the Year Upgrade, and 1 Million Edition Upgrade Items

The Game of the Year and 1 Million Edition Upgrade includes the same content. The 1 Million Edition Upgrade is the European version. Upgrading your account to one of these through the online store gives new Guild Wars bonus items codes. This is still available for purchase.

Bonus Items include:

  • Igneous Summoning Stone - summons the Fire Imp as a combat ally for characters that are under level 20. The Fire Imp can last up to 60 minutes or until killed in combat. This summoning stone may only be used once every 60 minutes. It has unlimited uses.

  • Tiger’s Roar – focus item that gives Energy +12 (requires 9 Energy Storage), halves skill recharge time of Fire Magic and Air Magic spells (20% chance).

  • Nevermore Flatbow – bow that does 15-28 piercing damage (requires 9 Marksmanship). Also lengthens poison duration on foes by 33%, deals +15% damage when health is over 50%, and an additional 20% damage from being customized to your character.

  • Rhino’s Charge – hammer that deals 19-35 blunt damage (requires 9 Hammer Mastery). Also has armor penetration +20% (20% chance), and deals +15% damage when health is over 50%, and an additional 20% damage from being customized to your character.

  • Serrated Shield – shield that gives an additional 16 armor (requires 9 Tactics). Gives an extra 30 health points, and physical damage is reduced by 2 when in a stance.

  • Wolf’s Favor – focus item that gives Energy +12 (requires 9 Divine Favor), and halves casting time of Healing Prayers and Protection Prayer spells (20% chance).

    Necromancer Bonus Item Staff

  • Luminescent Scepter – wand that deals 11-22 Chaos damage (requires 9 Domination Magic). Also halves casting time of Illusion Magic spells (20% chance), increases Energy by 5 when health is above 50%, and deals an extra 20% damage from wand being customized to your character.

  • Soul Shrieker – staff that deals 11-22 Dark damage (requires 9 Curses). Gives +10 Energy, +5 Energy, halves casting time of Death Magic and Blood Magic spells (chance 20%), and deals an extra 20% damage from being customized.

Coke Promotional Items

The “Coke Items” were only available in Korea and was a promotion from Cocoa Cola for Korean players. The items are customized to the characters, so only those who won these items are able to use them.

Coke Items available from Guild Wars bonus items code include:

  • Storm Ember – Elementalist focus item

    Guild Wars Bonus Item Shield

  • Scorpion Bow – Bow for Ranger

  • Bonecrusher – Hammer for Warrior

  • Bronze Guardian – Shield for Warrior

  • Heaven’s Arch – Monk focus item

  • Quicksilver – Mesmer wand

  • Death’s Head – Necromancer Staff