Beginner's Guide to the Guild Wars Paragon

Beginner's Guide to the Guild Wars Paragon
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What is a Paragon?

Paragons are one of the two new classes available from the Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign. Guild Wars Paragons are only available to be made in Nightfall. They can however, adventure everywhere in the game, and any character has the availability of using the Paragon as their secondary class.

The Paragon has a commanding voice, charismatic presence, and rallies the party through motivation, inspiration, and leadership. They use spears and shields as weapons and are able to “Echo” many of their abilities when a Chant or Shout ends.

Paragon Skills and Attributes

Guild Wars Paragons use leadership, command, motivation, and spear mastery for their attributes. All of the Paragon skills center around these attributes.


Leadership is the Paragon’s primary attribute. With points put into the leadership attribute, you gain 1 Energy point for each ally that is affected by one of your Chants or Shouts (1 Energy every 2 ranks).

Command is an attribute that is used for skills concerning protecting your allies and increasing your tactical position while on the battlefield. The higher the rank, the better these skills do.

Motivation is the attribute for skills that are used for healing and managing Energy. The higher your Motivation rank is, the more effective your skills are.

Spear Mastery is the attribute that is used to increase the damage you deal with spears (the Paragon’s weapon of choice). It also helps to increase your chance of inflicting a critical hit when you use a spear.

Paragon Armor and Weaponry

When Guild Wars: Nightfall was released, and the Paragon was made available, it also brought with it the ability to use a spear in battle. Paragons prefer to use a spear and a shield when in combat. The spear may be used by any class or profession, however only if the skill points are allotted for Spear Mastery will it be fully effective.

Guild Wars Paragon armor is available only in the Nightfall campaign and Eye of the North expansion pack areas.

The regular armor available (non-prestige) in Nightfall includes the Istani, Sunspear and Elonian armors. These armors are not able to be put into a character’s Hall of Monuments. They are considered starter armor as they are available to characters just starting out by purchasing or by collectors (in exchange for a trophy item dropped by foes in the area).

Paragon Ancient Armor

The prestige or elite armor available for the Paragon in the Nightfall campaign includes: Elite Sunspear, Vabbian, Ancient, and Primeval. Obsidian is also available from the Fissure of Woe (elite mission available from all campaigns).

The elite armor for the Paragon from the Eye of the North expansion pack includes: Norn, Asuran, and Monument.

These elite or prestige armors are able to be put into the character’s Hall of Monuments in the Eye of the North expansion pack.