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Guild Wars: Nightfall Guide

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars is a MMORPG that allows users to play for free each month (after the initial purchase of the game). The Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign brought with it new missions, armor, elite missions, and gave the ability to acquire heroes to add to your party.

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    Guild Wars

    Guild Wars is a MMORPG that has different campaigns that are available for players to purchase and play for no subscription fees per month. Players can buy one campaign, or all campaigns, depending on what they want out of the game.

    Guild Wars: Prophecies, Guild Wars: Factions and Guild Wars: Nightfall are the campaigns that are available. The only actual expansion pack is Guild Wars: Eye of the North. The expansion has the ability to even unlock certain things in Guild Wars 2 through the use of the Hall of the Monuments. What it unlocks is unknown as of right now, and will be revealed when Guild Wars: 2 is released.

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    Guild Wars: Nightfall

    Guild Wars Nightfall is the third campaign in the Guild Wars trilogy. The story in Nightfall takes place in Elona and offers new missions, quests and a brilliant storyline that most will enjoy playing. The new elite mission takes place in the Domain of Anguish. New armor was added, as well as elite armor. Two new professions were added, the Paragon and the Dervish. One of the biggest new things about Nightfall was the addition of Heroes. Heroes are acquired by players and they can use them (up to three per person) in parties. This makes doing things solo with just your heroes and henchmen much easier.

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    New Professions

    Guild Wars Paragon Paragon – this profession is used more as a support type. They use shouts and chants to help their party resist hexes, conditions, regain health and energy and much more. They use spears and shields.

    Dervish – this profession is a tank or melee type. They use scythes and have the ability through their skills to attack more than one foe at a time. They also are able to turn themselves into the different Gods and Goddesses in Guild wars through use of their elite skills such as Avatar of Dwayna.

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    Heroes are similar to henchmen, but they are much more advanced. They are a nonplaying character that you can control by what they wield, wear, and even their skills. Heroes have to be earned through quests. Once unlocked on your character, they can travel with you anywhere, (except PvP) as long as you add them to your party. Each player may only use three heroes at a time.

    Since the addition of Guild Wars Nightfall, heroes have been available in all campaigns. Here are all of the current heroes available:

    Guild Wars Heroes Nightfall – Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, Acolyte Jin, Acolyte Sousuke, Tahlkora, Zhed Shadowhoof, Margrid the Sly, Master of Whispers, Goren, Norgu, General Morgahn, Razah

    Eye of the North – Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Gwen, Xandra, Kahmu, Jora, Pyre Fierceshot, Anton, Hayda, Livia

    Prophecies – Olias

    Factions – Zenmai

    Requires all campaigns – M.O.X.

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    New Armor

    The new armor available in Guild Wars Nightfall includes regular armor and elite armor (which can be added to a character’s Hall of Monuments).

    Regular armor:

    Istani – this is collector armor available for beginner characters in Istan. It can also be crafted with max armor rating at Consulate Docks and the Command Post.

    Sunspear – this armor is available by crafting only. It is available for lower level armor ratings in Istan. It can also be crafted with max armor rating at Consulate Docks and the Command Post.

    Elite armor:

    Elite Sunspear – this armor is available at the Command Post. It has a max armor rating and costs 60 platinum and various crafting items depending on profession.

    Vabbian Armor Vabbian – this armor is available at the Kodash Bazaar. It has a max armor rating and costs 25 platinum and various crafting items depending on profession. It does require 16 rubies and 16 sapphires, so this makes it the 2nd most expensive armor available in the game.

    Ancient – this armor is available at the Bone Palace. It has a max armor rating and costs 40 platinum and various crafting items depending on profession.

    Primeval – this armor is available at the Throne of Secrets after you have beaten the last mission in Nightfall. It has a max armor rating and costs 60 platinum and various crafting items depending on profession.

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    Domain of Anguish

    The new elite mission for GW Nightfall is the Domain of Anguish (also known as DoA). Once players have completed Nightfall, they are able to go to the Gate of Anguish and take part in the Mallyx the Unyielding quests.

    Domain of Anguish Players taking part in this quest need to finish four parts:

    Kill Lord Jadoth in the City of Torc’qua.

    Kill the Greater Darkness in Ravenheart Gloom.

    Kill the Fury in the Foundry of Failed Creations.

    Kill the Dreadspawn Maw in Stygian Veil.

    After completing those tasks, the players then need to destroy Mallyx the Unyielding in the Ebony Citadel. Players can do these tasks at different times. Most groups do prefer to finish the first four at once though, because you get more gemstones in chests at the end of each task in this way.

    Players that save up enough gemstones (15 of each of the four types) are able to trade them in for an Armbrace of Truth and exchange it for a Tormented weapon. These are able to be displayed in a character’s Hall of Monuments.