Basic Necromancer Guild Wars Guide

Basic Necromancer Guild Wars Guide
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Guild Wars

The Guild Wars Complete Collection is a MMO that is available for no monthly fee (after the initial purchase of the game). The complete collection includes all three campaigns Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall, and the expansion pack Eye of the North.

Players are able to create characters to play as an Elementalist, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, Ranger, Warrior, Assassin, Ritualist, Dervish, and Paragon.

Necromancer Profession

The Necromancer is one of the core professions in Guild Wars. This means that you are able to create a character with this profession from all of the three campaigns. This Necromancer Guild Wars guide will explain more about the profession.

Necromancers are able to call on the spirits of the dead to raise minions, damage enemies, and assist allies. This makes the Necromancer a very versatile profession.

Necromancer Attributes and Skills

The Necromancer’s main attribute is Soul Reaping. This is a very powerful attribute because it is able to give your character 1 Energy for each point of Soul Reaping when a non-Spirit creature near your character dies. The limit on this is set to only allow you to gain energy in this way 3 times every 15 seconds.

Necromancer Casting

Blood Magic helps your character to increase the duration and effectiveness of Necromancer skills that steal health from foes.

Curses are the spells that a Necromancer uses to deal damage to foes and also reduce a foe’s effectiveness against your party.

Death Magic is used to deal shadow and cold damage to enemies. It is also used to create minions from dead enemies and allies to fight with you in battle. The more points that are added into this attribute, the higher level the undead minion will be, and will allow your character to control more minions.

As a general Necromancer Guild Wars guide, many Necromancers are setup to use weapons and focus items that require 9 Soul Reaping. This is the most used attribute because it is so beneficial. It also cuts down on the different weapons that are needed for most situations because you can change your Blood Magic, Curses, and Death Magic skills according to what you want to run for the particular mission, quest, PvP match, or farming.

Necromancer Armor

Necromancer Krytan Armor

Necromancers can find armor throughout Guild Wars. However, if you are looking to add in armor for your Hall of Monuments, you will need the elite armor. The following sets of armor are available for Necromancers:

Non-Prestige Necromancer Armor

  • Prophecies: Initiate’s, Krytan, Tyrian, Cabal, Fanatic, Necrotic, Scar Pattern, Profane
  • Factions: Shing Jea, Ascalon, Krytan, Tyrian, Canthan, Kurzick, Luxon
  • Nightfall: Istani, Sunspear
  • Eye of the North: N/A

Elite Necromancer Guild Wars Armor Guide

  • Prophecies: Elite Cabal, Elite Cultist, Elite Necrotic, Elite Scar Pattern, Elite Profane

  • Factions: Elite Canthan, Elite Kurzick, Elite Luxon

  • Nightfall: Elite Sunspear, Vabbian, Ancient, Primeval

    Necromancer Elite Kurzick Armor

  • Eye of the North: Norn, Asuran, Monument, Deldrimor pieces

  • Core: Obsidian