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Guild Wars Traveler Guide
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Nicholas the Traveler

The Guild Wars traveler is Nicholas the Traveler and he and his trusty sidekick Professor Yakkington can be found all over Guild Wars. He finds new locations to visit each week, changing each Monday at 8:00AM PDT.

Nicholas seeks new items each week and gives you Gifts of the Traveler in exchange for the required amount of the requested item. It is always something that can be found as a trophy item which drops from a foe in the current area Nicholas the Traveler is in. Sometimes the item is easily hunted (or “farmed”) and other times it is quite hard.

To quickly find where he is each week, check his updated Wiki page.

Gifts of the Traveler

When giving the Guild Wars traveler the requested items, you will receive a Gift of the Traveler. This is a present from Nicholas and needs to be opened to find out what is inside. Each account may only receive 5 gifts per week.

Items available upon opening a gift include:

Alcohol – 1 Keg of Aged Hunter’s Ale, 10 Aged Hunter’s Ale or 10 Hunter’s Ale.

Sweets – 5 Red Rock Candies, 5 Blue Rock Candies, 5 Green Rock Candies, 10 Honeycombs or 10 Jars of Honey.

Party Items – 1 Everlasting Cottontail Tonic, 1 Everlasting Crate of Fireworks, 3 Disco Balls, 5 Crates of Fireworks, 5 Mysterious Tonics, 5 Cottontail Tonics, 10 Sparklers, 10 Champagne Poppers or 10 Bottle Rockets.

Miniature Pets – 1 Gwen Doll, 1 Miniature Yakkington or 1 Brown Rabbit.

Weapons – 1 Traveler’s Bo Staff, 1 Traveler’s Walking Stick, 1 inscribable Icy Dragon Sword, 1 inscribable Ascalon Razor or 1 inscribable Vampiric Dragon Sword.

Summoning Stones – 5 Mercantile Summoning Stones or 5 Mysterious Summoning Stones.

Pet – Moss Spider Egg

Nicholas Sandford

Before the Guild Wars traveler Nicholas was known as “Nicholas the Traveler” he was found in pre-searing Ascalon and is known as Nicholas Sandford.

Pre-Searing Nicholas Location

Nicholas and Professor Yakkington can be found in Pre-searing outside of Fort Ranik in The Secret Garden in Regent Valley. He wasn’t always here though - he was added to Pre-Searing collecting items in the April 9, 2009 game update.

He collects items and gives Gifts of the Huntsman in exchange for the item he is collecting that day. He does not change locations, but he does request a new item each day, changing at 7:00AM UTC.

The items Nicholas Sandford collects include: Baked Husk, Charr Carving, Dull Carapace, Enchanted Lodestone, Gargoyle Skull, Grawl Necklace, Icy Lodestone, Red Iris Flower, Skale Fin, Skeletal Limb, Spider Leg, Unnatural Seed and Worn Belt.

Gift of the Huntsman

When giving Nicholas Sandford the requested items of the day (5 of the requested item equals 1 gift), you will receive a Gift of the Huntsman. This is a present and needs to be opened to see what is inside. Each account may only receive 5 gifts per day.

Items available upon opening a gift include:

Pre-Searing Traveler

Alcohol – 5 Hunter’s Ale or 5 Aged Hunter’s Ale.

Sweets – 5 Honeycombs or 5 Jars of Honey.

Party Items – 5 Bottle Rockets, 5 Champagne Poppers or 5 Sparklers.