Guide to Guild Wars Hero Builds - Guild Wars Heroes and Henchmen - Guild Wars Hero Guide

Guide to Guild Wars Hero Builds - Guild Wars Heroes and Henchmen - Guild Wars Hero Guide
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Guild Wars Gameplay

Guild Wars is a MMORPG that allows users to play either alone with heroes and henchmen, with a group of other real players, or a mix of both.

When players adventure outside of town either to go on quests, missions, dungeons, or elite missions, the area is instanced, so only your group is in that area. If a player leaves, they cannot get back in, so sometimes it is more beneficial to take NPC players such as your own personal heroes (with your own Guild Wars hero builds on them) and the standard henchmen found in each town and outpost.

Guide to Guild Wars Hero Builds - Guild Wars Heroes and Henchmen

One of the first things you should know about how to play Guild Wars is that heroes are your friends, well NPC friends. Sometimes they may even play better than your friends, so having your heroes equipped with a good weapon, runes, and a great Guild Wars hero builds would benefit you tremendously.

Heroes join your party through completing quests, and can either come as a level 20 max character, or a lower level that you have to level up yourself. The starter heroes in Nightfall such as Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, Acolyte Jin, Acolyte Sousuke, and Tahlkora are good examples of those. In order to level up your hero, you just have to have them in your party with you when you are outside killing foes, doing quests, or in a mission.

Heroes once available on your character can journey with you wherever you go, except for PvP. If you have more than one character, you will have to do the quest again to gain access to those heroes on that character as well.

You are able to upgrade your hero’s weapon and armor. You can “drag and drop” the weapon onto your hero just like you would with your own character. Your heroes can also use weapons “dedicated” to your character. To upgrade your hero’s armor, you can add runes and insignias in the same way you add them to your own character. You can also get armor upgrades to change the hero’s clothing style (this has no benefit other than begin able to add to your character’s Hall of Monuments though).

Heroes Available

Heroes were first introduced with the Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign. There are heroes from each of the campaigns available now though. Here is a list of the heroes and where you can find them:


Nightfall – Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, Acolyte Jin, Acolyte Sousuke, Tahlkora, Zhed Shadowhoof, Margrid the Sly, Master of Whispers, Goren, Norgu, General Morgahn, Razah

Eye of the North – Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Gwen, Xandra, Kahmu, Jora, Pyre Fierceshot, Anton, Hayda, Livia

Prophecies – Olias

Factions – Zenmai

Requires all campaigns – M.O.X.

Guild Wars Hero Builds

Hero builds are savable on your computer, so you can use them at any time on any of your characters. You can name them as you want, and even use them on your own character too.

Here are some good builds to use on your heroes:

Necromancer Heroes

Necromancer Trio – if you have all three of the necromancer heroes unlocked for your character, this is a very effective and popular use of your three hero slots to use. You can use either the Sabway build or the Discordway build to breeze through just about anything in the game.

Monk Hero – a healer is always a good thing to have in a party, and one that you control what they bring is even better. One of these builds for a monk hero works great, especially with Unyielding Aura.

Elementalist Hero – Elementalists are great for damage dealers. A Searing Flames hero works especially well (when using more than one), as are Earth Warder heroes.

Necromancer Hero – if not bringing the necromancer trio, a SS Necromancer hero works great, as does a minion master hero.

Ritualist HeroSoS heroes are one of the more powerful hero builds for a Ritualist.

Mesmer Hero – Mesmers can be very good for degeneration and interrupting. One of the recent updates to the game made the Panic Mesmer Hero quite powerful.

Ranger HeroBarrage Ranger Heroes are popular and effective for those that want to bring along a Ranger hero.

Dervish Hero – the Arcane Orders Dervish Hero build is a good one for bringing a dervish to do some damage to foes.

Paragon Hero – the Motigon Paragon Hero build is effective for supporting the party and is really quite useful.

If you aren’t using a “set” of heroes (such as the Necromancer trio), it is always smart to bring a Monk hero and two other heroes set for the type of foes you will encounter. Because this always changes, it is good to have a wide variety of heroes and skills available for builds. Always have your heroes bring a resurrection skill with them!

Guild Wars Henchmen

Guild Wars Eve and Cynn

Henchmen are available for players to use in all towns (except for in Pre-Searing). Guild Wars henchmen are NPCs that can join your party and aid your character when you leave the town to kill foes and complete quests and missions. This is especially helpful for playing Guild Wars solo because you can only include three of your heroes in your party, and then fill it up with available henchmen.

The henchmen’s level is based on the town you are in. If it is a lower level area, the town will also have lower level henchmen. If you opt to go into “Hard Mode” though, the henchmen will be level 20 when you go outside of the town.

Most of the henchmen are NPCs that are connected to the story line to some degree. The henchmen available to add to your party include:

Prophecies Henchmen – Mhenlo, Lina, Alesia, Zaishen Healer, Eve, Claude, Dunham, Cynn, Orion, Zaishen Mage, Zaishen Archer, Reyna, Aidan, Devona, Little Thorn, Stefan, and Zaishen Fighter.

Factions Henchmen – Argo, Cynn, Headmaster Vhang, Kai Ying, Kisai, Emi, Mai, Nika, Panaku, Aeson, Chiyo, Professor Gai, Danika, Jamei, Redemptor Karl, Seaguard Gita, Sister Tai, Taya, Brutus, Eve, Sheena, Su, Erys Vasburg, Lo Sha, Seaguard Hala, Devona, Lukas, Seaguard Eli, Talon Silverwing, Aidan, Aurora, Daeman, Yuun, and Zho.

Guild Wars Mhenlo

Nightfall Henchmen – Eve, Cynn, Mhenlo, Kihm, Odurra, Herta, Sogolon, Gehraz, Devona, Timera, Abasi, and Aidan.

Eye of the North Henchmen – Eve, Cynn, Mhenlo, Devona, Lo Sha, Herta, Lina, Zho, Aidan, and Talon Silverwing.

When bringing heroes and henchmen, it is always good to have 2 monks. The rest is up to you to determine based on where you adventuring to. Elementalist heroes are always a good bet though, as are Interrupt rangers.