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Guide to Pre-Searing in Guild Wars

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars: Prophecies has a starter area also known as “Pre-Searing.” It takes place before the rest of the game, so it can be a bit complicated on how it works. This article will explain what it is, where it is, and more!

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    Where and When is Pre-Searing?

    Guild Wars: Prophecies has a “starter” area for all characters that are created in this campaign. It takes place in the Guild Wars pre searing area known as Ascalon. Before “the Searing” the area was beautiful will stunning cities and rolling green countryside. They were at war with the Charr, but thanks to the Great Northern Wall, they were able to protect Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr.

    The pre-searing area takes place two years before the rest of the game. Therefore, after characters have started the mission Ascalon Academy and moved further into the storyline, they are no longer able to travel back in time and enter the Guild Wars pre searing area. Characters created in other campaigns are also unable to enter pre-searing Ascalon. You also cannot visit a Guild Hall or have access to your storage in pre-searing.

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    Gwen One of the most memorable (and loved) characters in Pre-searing is Gwen. You first encounter her here as a child, and she follows your character around outside of Ascalon City. She likes red iris flowers and telling you stories about her family and various characters in Ascalon.

    Gwen appears again after the searing at the Eye of the North, seeking revenge on the Charr that destroyed her childhood, and family. In the expansion pack, she can also be used as a Hero journeying with you on adventures.

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    Professions and Armor Available

    Pre-searing is the starter or tutorial area for Guild Wars Prophecies, therefore, all of the main professions in Guild Wars are available in pre-searing Guild Wars. This includes: Elementalist, Mesmer, Monk, Necromancer, Ranger and Warrior. Secondary professions are also available, and upon completing the quest for it, characters may use their secondary profession as well.

    Monk Collector Armor Starter armor and collector armor are the only types of armor available in pre-searing Guild Wars. Many people that are going after the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title choose to keep their starter armor to easier death level the Charr (taking all armor off works well too though). The collector armor is free armor, you just have to trade a collector the items that they are looking for in exchange of your armor pieces.

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    Nicholas Sandford

    In the regular campaigns of Guild Wars, Nicholas the Traveler can be found in a random spot giving gifts in exchange for items. Before he did this though, he could be found in pre-searing Ascalon and is always outside of Fort Ranik, in the “secret garden”.

    Nicholas Sandford Here he is known as Nicholas Sandford and collects items each day (5 per account), and gives out Gifts of the Huntsman. These gifts can give out alcohol, sweets, and party point items.

    He collects: Baked Husk, Charr Carving, Dull Carapace, Enchanted Lodestone, Gargoyle Skull, Grawl Necklace, Icy Lodestone, Red Iris Flower, Skale Fin, Skeletal Limb, Spider Leg, Unnatural Seed and Worn Belt.

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    Titles Available in Pre-Searing

    Guild Wars pre searing doesn’t have very many titles available for the characters that stay in it for long. These are the titles that you can work on while here though:

    Legendary Defender of Ascalon – only achieved if your character reaches level 20 without leaving pre-searing. To do this, players must “death level” charr. Very time consuming title.

    Incorrigible Ale-Hound – character must drink alcoholic beverages to get drunk, and then stay drunk for 10,000 minutes to achieve the “max” level of this title.

    Connoisseur of Confectionaries – character must eat sweets totaling 10,000 sweet points to achieve the “max” level of this title.

    Life of the Party – character must use 10,000 party point items to achieve the “max” level of this title.