Defender of Ascalon Title Guide in Guild Wars

Defender of Ascalon Title Guide in Guild Wars
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Titles and Guild Wars

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Titles in Guild Wars are a way to show off a player’s achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. However, players can only achieve a maximum of 43 on any given character. The two titles that collide with each other are Survivor and Defender of Ascalon. You cannot get Defender of Ascalon without dying and you cannot die to get Survivor.

Pre-Searing Ascalon Guild Wars

So to get one the character will miss out on getting the other.

Titles are displayed under the Guild Wars character’s name. To view titles in progress or to see those that are completed tap the “h” key while in game and a screen will come up with a tab that allows you an overview of all your titles. Players can also change which title is displayed on their character from this screen as well.

Defender of Ascalon Title

The Defender of Ascalon is a title that can only be obtained in the Prophecies campaign. If players do not have the Prophecies

Defender of Ascalon Monument Guild Wars

campaign then they will not be allowed to get this title. Defender of Ascalon title takes place in Pre-searing Ascalon and players must level up a character to 20. This is extremely difficult to do in the “starting area” of Guild Wars.

There is only one tier to this title track.

  • 1 – Level 20 in Pre-searing Ascalon – Legendary Defender of Ascalon

Characters Available

With the title only being obtainable in Guild Wars: Prophecies there are a limited number of characters players can choose from. This title is a great deal of work and no play so choose wisely because changing the character later and having to get this title again will be grueling.

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Here are the 8 characters available to choose from in the Prophecies game.

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Monk
  • Necromancer
  • Mesmer
  • Elementalist

Defender of Ascalon Title Walkthrough

The Northlands Guild Wars

Take a walk into the world of grinding with the Defender of Ascalon title in Guild Wars: Prophecies. This title takes weeks and months

Ascalon Pre Searing Guild Wars

of grinding, dying, and waiting. Upon reaching level 16 monsters and enemies will stop giving out experience to your character. This poses a problem because there are 4 levels left and each one needs a great deal of experience to complete. However, with this guide you will be smiling at yourself and your new Defender of Ascalon title in no time. Here we go step-by-step.

The most important thing to remember when getting this title is to NOT do any quests. None! This point cannot be stressed enough. Without the quests there will be no possible way for a player to go from level 19 to 20. Do not take a second profession either.

  • 1 – The ONLY 3 quests you will be taking rewards from are Message from a Friend, War Preparations, and the test for the character profession you decided upon. You can accept any and all quests but do not turn in the completed ones.
  • 2 – Level your character to 11 by grinding and killing. One way to do this is to take the quest from Prince Rurik in Ascalon, complete it, do NOT take the reward, abandon the quest, and then take it again. Rurik kills the monsters himself and you will not have to worry about fighting.
  • 3 – At level 11 your character can safely go behind the gate and kill the charr. This can be done at an earlier level but isn’t advised.
  • 4 – Upon reaching level 14 players need to kill the charr bosses.
  • 5 – Level 16 means time to death level for experience. Get a charr cornered at a resurrection shrine on the other side of the gate in Pre-searing Ascalon and let it kill you until it levels. Then kill the monster. You must die hundreds of times before the monster will gain a level.
  • 6 – At level 19 players are free to go do the quests that they have skipped in the area. These quests will give the character enough experience to only need to death level a few more times.

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