Guild Wars: Elementalist Solo Farm

Guild Wars: Elementalist Solo Farm
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Never want for anything again in Guild Wars

Titles, gold, items, and many other things can be difficult to come by in Guild Wars if you do not know where to look and how to farm the area. Understanding what builds, attributes, armor sets, runes, and weapons are needed for each specific area’s farm can be a

challenging task that many never find the time to undertake.

People who have been playing Guild Wars for years have many secrets up their gaming sleeves. Yes, it is true you do need to know all about what things are needed to farm an area and those items can cost you your entire stockpile of gold. However, the benefits of learning these tricks will greatly improve game play and cash flow by 100%.

Guild Wars Will Change Everything You Think You Know About MMOs and farming. This game is one of a kind and a wonderful feature is that the game is free. Guild Wars for the PC is the best of the best when compared to other MMOs. While playing Guild Wars earning gold does not have to be a chore.

Runes, Armor, and Weapons

Max Elementalist armor is 60. There is no need for fancy or special armor types. The cheapest maxed armor you can find will work just fine. The Guild Wars Wiki displays the armor sets and tells you where to go in the game to buy them.

The armor headpiece you need is Earth Magic. This is important!

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Armor: Max level 60 Elementalist Armor with Earth Headpiece

There are multiple weapons you can utilize for this solo run. However make sure that the weapon has “Enchantments Last 20% Longer and Energy +5”. If you can get additional energy on your weapon then go for it, every little bit helps. A great suggestion for the weapon is a Totem Axe. Stats: Req 9 Axe Mastery, Armor penetration +20% chance 20%, Enchantments last 20% longer, and Energy +5.

Just like with the weapons your offhand can be anything you wish as long as it provides Energy +12 or higher. You can get an Earth Scroll in Droknar’s Forge for cheap. Stats: Req 9 Earth Magic, Energy +12, Armor +5 while enchanted, and Health +45 while enchanted.

Weapons: Totem Axe and Earth Scroll from Droknar’s Forge

Runes are what is going to cost you the most besides the armor set. It is very important to set your runes up in the following manner:

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  • Head: Radiant Insignia, Elementalist Rune of Superior Earth Magic
  • Chest: Survivor Insignia, Elementalist Rune of Major Energy Storage
  • Gloves: Prismatic Insignia [Elementalist], Rune of Vitae
  • Pants: Radiant Insignia, Rune of Superior Vigor
  • Shoes: Geomancer Insignia [Elementalist], Rune of Vitae

Second Profession, Build, and Attributes

There is no need for getting other second profession than Mesmer if all you’re going to do with your Elementalist is solo farm this one area. It is a good idea to acquire all the second professions available in the game if the character will be doing anything else (PvE or PvP).

Second Profession: Mesmer

Build: (from left to right)

Photo By Melina Ann Collison

  • Mantra of Earth: Mesmer Skill
  • Glyph of Swiftness
  • Obsidian Flesh: Elite Skill
  • Stoneflesh Aura
  • Sliver Armor
  • Teinai’s Crystals
  • Crystal Wave
  • Storm Djinn’s Haste

Attributes can be a tricky and complicated part of making a build and armor set. The principle rule is to utilize attributes that are in your build and choose a build with similar (2-3) attributes. Furthermore, a character always wants to allow room for their class’ specialized attribute strain.

Attributes: (2 unused points)

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  • 11 Inspiration Magic
  • 6 Air Magic
  • 12 Earth Magic (will be a blue 16 with armor, weapons, attributes, and runes equipped)
  • 2 Energy Storage (will be blue 4 with armor and runes)

Your Elementalist’s final stats will be; Health 455 and Energy 62

Getting to the location

After obtaining armor, runes, weapons, making the build, setting the second profession, and double checking the attributes the hard part is over. Now, the only things left are to get to where you’re going to farm, work the build correctly, and gather the gold.

Difficulty: Hard Mode

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If you do not set your difficulty level to hard mode there simply is not enough monsters to kill, they do not hit your character hard enough, and you will not gain enough energy or health to do anything worthwhile besides laugh when you die.

Start from Longeye’s Ledge in Eye of the North Outpost. Remember your hard mode setting, proper headpiece, build, and weapons before you start out. You are going from Longeye’s Ledge to Jaga Moraine to farm.

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Below is a map of the safest journey to your destination. Skill 8: Storm Djinn’s Haste is used for getting to Jaga Moraine. Keep it up as much as possible. Your character will move 25% faster for 16 seconds when using this skill.

Only possible mishaps while following this path are stray monsters which you can just go around and a giant worm that pops up and can be devastating. Other than those two notes your able to sit back, run your path, and view the nice polar bears along the way.

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If you die it is not a problem. Death penalty is not a concern for this run. Your character can have 60% DP and survive just fine. So if you happen to die just get back up and try again.

This is the area you are going to be farming. Break it up into two sections: Left and Right. You can either take each side’s total aggro or kill in 2-3 smaller groups.

Photo By Melina Ann Collison

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Working the build: Step by step

Some people understand how a build works right away. Others it takes them months or days. This is one of the easiest farms in Guild Wars. You can obtain “special event items galore” during events, gold items for titles, money for armor, items for selling to the merchant or other players, and crafting material if you salvage. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Mantra of Earth should be kept up 100% of the time. This gives you energy.
  • Glyph of Swiftness should be used BEFORE Obsidian Flesh and Stoneflesh Aura. This makes sure those two skill recharge fast enough for you to recast.
  • Obsidian Flesh protects you. Keep this up 100% of the time.
  • Stoneflesh Aura protects you. Keep this up 100% of the time.

Now walk into the crowd of Spectral Vaettir’s just to your right. Keep your skills up while you allow the monsters to gather around you. When you either cannot move to get more Spectral Vaettirs because they have blocked you or you have gotten them all on one side it is time to begin killing.

Keep your Mantra of Earth. Obsidian Flesh, and Stoneflesh Aura up while fighting!

  • Sliver Armor is damage. Use this when all the Spectral Vettirs have gathered around you.
  • Teinai’s Crystals is damage. Use this when all the Spectral Vettirs have gathered around you.
  • Crystal Wave is damage. Use this when all the Spectral Vettirs have gathered around you.

Photo By Melina Ann Collison

Continue keeping your life saving skills up while killing the monsters that gather around you. If you kill all of them in one area you can gather up the next bunch and do it again. You will never run out of energy to cast as long as you keep Mantra of Earth active.

To repeat the farm simply walk out the portal into Bjora Marches and then back inside Jaga Moraine again to kill the 60 Spectral Vettirs this build was designed for. Good luck farming and have fun spending all the extra gold.

Photo By Melina Ann Collison

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