Earning gold fast in Guild Wars

Earning gold fast in Guild Wars
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The Basics of Guild Wars Gold

Gathering gold and green items, obtaining money, getting material items, investing, and selling in Guild Wars can be overwhelming and seem daunting to players. Understanding what prices to sell items for, who to sell items to, what items people want to buy, and where to get your items is something not a great deal of players put time and effort into learning.

Even if you are not looking to get items and sell them there is a great deal of gold to be made from drops, merchant sales, dye, gold and green items, runes, and material items that you will gather along the way.

With guild Wars being one of the top four free MMORPGs the newest announcement of the Guild Wars 2 review and trailer is causing quite a scene. These games are becoming quite popular and the ability to know how to earn gold is priceless.


There are many dungeons available in the game that allow for much gold and many items. Here are a few of the top dungeons and how much you can average off of each run.

Snowman Dungeon

  • Henchmen and/or Heroes required

  • Hard Mode

  • Character: Any

Per Run:

  • Approximate Gold Item Drop – 3-4
  • Approximate Gold – 1500 – 3000 with item sales and quest reward
  • Approximate Time – 8-13 minutes

Grab DPS and Ranged Heroes and Henchmen from town before setting out. This is a straightforward dungeon that should be completed on hard mode only for maximum item and gold drops possible. You can gather gold items and possibly an elite rune from the end boss in hard mode that you will miss out on if normal mode is utilized instead.

Duncan the Black

  • Heroes and/or Heroes required

    Duncan the Black

  • Hard Mode

  • Character: Any

Cost Per Run:

  • 1 Set of Consumables for damage, protection, and buffs

Per Run:

  • Approximate gold Item Drop – 5-10
  • Approximate Gold – 10,000 – 100,000
  • Approximate Time – 4-5 hours

This is a more complicated dungeon farm. You can do this with other players but the items are split and you risk losing the best green from the end chest to someone else in the party. When you go alone you must micro manage your heroes and place the correct buffs on you to kill Duncan the Black.

Solo Farming

Solo farming is a wonderful way to beat the cost of paying for henchmen or other players. Each gold drop and item drop goes directly into your bank account instead of being split among 8 or 12 people.

Elementalist Solo Farm

This farm is easy and beneficial for new players and older players alike. One of the simplest builds in the game for a solo player. Specifically directed towards one area and one monster type you can gather many valuable items. Gold, glacial stones, gold items, purple items, blue items, runes, material items when you salvage, and tons of special event items during event times in Guild Wars.

Monk Feather Farm

Feathers can be hard to come by in Guild Wars and players pay a pretty big penny for them. Learning how to accomplish the feather

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farm for a monk can erase your feather and money issues forever. Head over to Naphui Quarter in Factions with your monk and monk henchman for this farm. Make sure you research the correct build, armor, and weapon sets online before trying to complete the farm.

Pre Searing Dye Farm

The best dye drops are in pre searing Guild Wars. Start yourself a character in the first Guild Wars game and before you finish

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schooling farm yourself some expensive dyes. You can farm just about anything in pre searing for dye drops. Pick a path near a portal door so you can reset easily and start killing things for dye. All dye will sell either to the merchant or players, however, focus specifically on black and white dyes because they sell for the most.

Grinding a Green Item

This can be done either solo or with a combination of heroes and henchmen. Use the Guild Wars Wiki to find a green weapon close to a portal or door. Run from the portal to the boss who drops the green weapon and kill him. If he does not drop the item you want run back, go through the portal to reset the boss, come back into your farming area, and then go kill the boss again. Repeat this until the boss drops your elusive and exclusive green weapon.

Selling to Players vs. Merchant

In Guild Wars you need to know if a merchant will give you a better price on an item or if you should waste your time finding and selling to other players. If you get an item that you think is worth good money in the game the best way to check prices is in Kamadan, Nightfall. Go to English or Europe District 1 and sit.

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Turn off everything but trade chat and read it. What are players selling? How much are they selling items for? That is going to give you an idea of what to price your item at or if you should sell to the merchant. Most gold items should go to a merchant if there is nothing salvageable (runes or inscriptions).


Should you keep all the items you get? Are rare purple items worth as much as rare gold items? Why are greens not worth anything at

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the merchant?

Make wise investment choices. People buy things that they need mostly. If you are going to start stockpiling away items they need to be things you can unload fast. Materials for armor, weapons, and consumables sell. Unidentified gold items sell. Things that are needed to obtain titles sell such as sweets, party stuff, and alcohol. Farm things that will bring you profit fast.

Guild Wars offers many special commands that characters can utalize when interacting with other players. These can draw attention to your sales and make people notice you. Furthermore, remember that Guild Wars is a free MMO and has had many great reviews by gamers.