Guild Wars Hearts of the North Guide

Guild Wars Hearts of the North Guide
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Guild Wars Beyond

The content that is bridging the gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is called “Guild Wars Beyond.” This is free content that is considered part of the ongoing campaign to users who already have the campaigns where the storylines take place.

This new content was first released with War In Kryta, and now the second installment of it is with Guild Wars Hearts of the North. The next addition for Guild Wars Beyond that has been announced is for “Winds of Change.” When the next one comes out is not yet known.

How to Gain Access to Guild Wars Hearts of the North

Gwen and Thackeray actually began their courtship in 2008’s Wintersday activities. This is however, not considered part of the Guild Wars Beyond content.

During the War in Krtya, you go on a scavenger quest for Thackeray for a picnic for Gwen’s birthday. However, things between them didn’t end very well and when Thackeray left to help out in the war, he and Gwen weren’t on the best of terms.

To gain access to Hearts of the North, you need to first finish the War in Krtya content by completing the last quest “The Battle for Lion’s Arch” and then reporting Lieutenant Thackeray’s disappearance to Gwen inside of the Hall of Monuments.

With this content, you are able to now search for Thackeray, who is missing, and view his story and what happened to him from when he was missing.

Guild Wars Hearts of the North Walkthrough

To find Thackeray, you need to uncover clues and discover what he has been doing since he was missing.

  1. To start with, you will need to exit the Eye of the North and go to Ice Cliff Chasms to speak with the Ebon Vanguard Scout. He will hint to the location of “The Embedded Arrowhead” which is found in Watchtower Coast.

  2. Go to the Hall of Monuments and Gwen will give you Keiran’s Bow.

  3. Then, talk to the Scrying pool in the Hall of Monuments (by Gwen), and select “Auspicious Beginnings” after that, talk to Gwen again to receive the next clue.

  4. The next clue has you looking for the “Tarnished Emblem” which is by the Western portal in Majesty’s Rest.

    Gwen and Thackeray

  5. Go back to the Hall of Monuments. Equip Keiran’s Bow and select the Scrying pool and select “A Vengeance of Blades” and then talk with Gwen to receive the next clue.

  6. The next clue you are looking for the “Broken Sword” which is in Ettin’s Back.

  7. Go back to the Hall of Monuments. Equip Keiran’s Bow and select the Scrying pool and select “Shadows in the Jungle.”

  8. You will then look for the “Shining Blade Cloak” that is in Watchtower Coast.

  9. Go back to the Hall of Monuments. Equip Keiran’s Bow and select “Rise.”

  10. Talk with Gwen and begin “Reunion.”

  11. Then, go to Anvil Rock with Gwen as a hero in your party.

  12. Go back to the Hall of Monuments and accept the reward from Gwen.

  13. Zone back to the Eye of the North, and then back into the Hall of Monuments to see Thackeray propose to Gwen.

This portion of Guild Wars Beyond is not yet over, and the wedding is predicted to take place before Wintersday of 2010, probably in Olafstead.

Wedding Costume Set

Wedding Party Costume

To prepare for the coming wedding of Gwen and Lieutenant Thackeray, you are now able to buy some very nice costumes for your characters in Guild Wars. This includes an exact replica of what Gwen and Lieutenant Thackeray will wear in their wedding, and what their guests are also likely to wear. Guild Wars costumes are able to be dyed, and worn over the character’s existing armor because it doesn’t have stats, it is just to show off.

The sets available include: Wedding Couple Attire, Formal Attire, and Dapper Tuxedo. If you purchase this shortly after it was released, you could get the whole set, known as the “Wedding Party Costume Set” from the NCsoft Store for only $14.99. Otherwise, smaller set will be $6.99.