Guild Wars Halloween Mask and Festival Guide

Guild Wars Halloween Mask and Festival Guide
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Guild Wars Halloween Festival

The Guild Wars Halloween celebration for 2010 starts on October 21 and ends on November 2. It is celebrated by decorating some towns, brings Halloween related quests, trick-or-treat bags, Costume Brawl, new costumes and new Guild Wars Halloween Masks.

Decorated Towns

Celebrating Halloween in Guild Wars is even more fun when towns and outposts are decorated!

Check out these towns for some spooky effects, NPCs in costume, and of course the Halloween decorations:

  • Lion’s Arch
  • Kamadan (in Nightfall)
  • Droknar’s Forge
  • Tomb of the Primeval Kings

Don’t forget to gather your guild members, alliance friends, and other friends in game for an annual Halloween screenshot in game! Put on a Guild Wars Halloween mask from a previous year, and do some fun emotes!

Halloween Quests

Holiday quests in Guild Wars isn’t new. However, the Halloween quests were only added since 2009.

Quests available from 2009 from the Mad King’s Steward:

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Don’t Fear the Reapers
  • Stemming the Skeletal Tide
  • Every Bit Helps
  • The Waiting Game

According to Guild Wars, new quests will become available before the finale from the Lunatic Court.

Trick-or-Treat Bags and Halloween Goodies

Trick-or-Treat bags are available as drops from foes, completing Halloween quests, and from winning Costume Brawl matches.

Trick-or-Treat bags randomly open up one of the Halloween goodies:

  • Candy Apple (1 sweet point)
  • Candy Corn (1 sweet point)
  • Ghost in the Box (1 party point)
  • Pumpkin Cookie (1 sweet point)
  • Squash Serum (1 party point)
  • Transmorgifier Tonic (2 party points)
  • Vial of Absinthe (level 1 intoxication)
  • Witch’s Brew (level 1 intoxication)

Costume Brawl

Guild Wars Gamer points are only available during festivals, making this a harder title to get to add to your Hall of Monuments. Costume Brawl is one of the PvP areas that players can win these gamer points.

When players are transported to the Costume Brawl area, they are disguised as a NPC character of their profession. Your character could become one of the five disguises of popular henchmen, heroes, and villains of their profession. The goal is for your team to earn the first 20 points. Points are awarded for each kill your team achieves.

Each unique kill in Costume Brawl awards 40 Balthazar faction, and 20 Balthazar faction for each point scored. 5 Balthazar faction is also awarded for each point at the end of the match. The winning team receives 15 Gamer points, and 5 Trick-or-Treat bags.

Halloween Mask

Guild Wars Halloween Mask 2009

On Halloween day the Mad King Thorn visits Kamadan (in Guild Wars Nightfall) and Lion’s Arch (in Guild Wars Prophecies) and gives out the Guild Wars Halloween masks for the year. Kamadan and Lion’s Arch give out different masks, so you need to either change zones quickly to get them both, or participate in the event at least two different times. The even happens nine times, so it is quite easy to be able to get both. The masks released this year are unknown until Halloween day arrives.

Halloween Costumes

Guild Wars Costume Lunatic Court Finery

Guild Wars costumes are available for Halloween for the first time in 2010. Costumes are able to be worn at any level and cover your character’s other armor.

Lunatic Court Finery

This set includes a Lunatic Court Helm, Lunatic Court Finery, and Lunatic Court Headless Finery. This set is able to be dyed.

Raiment of the Lich

This set includes an Aspect of the Lich, Cowl of the Lich, and Raiment of the Lich. This set is also able to be dyed.

These two sets became available as a package set for a lower price for a short time after it was released. Prices do go up after the introduction rate, so purchase the set while you can for a discounted price!

Guild Wars Costume Raiment of the Lich

Guild Wars costumes are available for purchase via PayPal or credit card. Once purchased, they are available for all of your characters on the account for free in game.