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Guild Wars: Secret Lair of the Snowmen Dungeon Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars offers players an unlimited world of monsters and allies to fight and win battles with. Dungeons in Guild Wars will also give players opportunity to make large amounts of Guild Wars gold in the game.

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    Related Quests

    Guild Wars is the top free MMORPG game and players everywhere are falling in love with the characters, story, and scenery. With the Freezie Guild Wars newest expansion Eye of the North: Guild Wars players are offered a chance to enter the world of dungeons and receive new loot. Secret Lair of the Snowmen is one such dungeon in Guild Wars that has impressive rewards for completing the dungeon or killing bosses. This dungeon consists of 1 level where the final battle will find you face to face with the boss; a large snowman named Freezie. You will also see other snowmen that are level15 with the final boss being a level 19. Koris Deeprunner will accompany you during this dungeon. Stop by and talk to each Beacon of Droknar while going through Secret Lair of the Snowmen, this will help with your Dwarven reputation points.


    If you are looking to gain entry and complete Secret Lair of the Snowmen then stop by Umbral Grotto in Eye of the North: Guild Wars and speek with Koris Deeprunner. He will give you a quest called Lost Treasure of King Hundar.


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    Location and Navigation

    Finding your way to the location of and then navigating through any dungeon in Guild Wars can be a challenge in itself without mentioning the Secret Lair of the Snowmen Map Guild Wars bosses, your henchmen not listening, and other problems that can arise. Dungeons are spread out all over Eye of the North in hidden locations that you must discover yourself. There will not be a marker on your map to the location of any dungeon unless you have taken your character to the spot and uncovered it. The entrance to Secret Lair of the Snowmen is simple to access. After receiving the Lost Treasure of King Hundar quest simply talk to Koris Deeprunner again to get into the dungeon.

    Follow the inside dungeon map carefully to avoid unnecessary fights and going down the wrong tunnels. Here is a map of the level inside Secret Lair of the Snowmen.

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    Light of Deldrimor Locations

    Almost every dungeon in Eye of the North: Guild Wars has treasures to discover and allies to fight by your side. Secret Lair of the Snowmen is no exception. If you carry the Light of Deldrimor skill on your skill bar and use it in the correct locations you will discover a whole new level of making gold in dungeons. Here are the Light of Deldrimor locations inside the Secret Lair of the Snowmen dungeon.

    First Level

    • There will be a Dwarven Ghost by the area map.

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    This dungeon is often referred to as the “Snowman Dungeon” or Dwarven reputation point farm. This dungeon is a great place to Hidden Trasure Guild Wars farm a few titles.

    Dwarven Reputation Points

    If you are looking to gain momentum and finish off that Dwarven point title in Eye of the North: Guild Wars then the Secret Lair of the Snowmen dungeon is just what you need. With the three Beacon of Droknar places inside these halls and the seemingly endless array of monsters to kill you can easily max the title out on a double point weekend.



    Looking to get specific items inside Guild Wars for the multitude of titles offered in the game? Then check out the Secret Lair of the Snowmen in Hard Mode. The end chest will give you items needed for the Drunkard, Party Animal, and Sweet Tooth titles. The run only takes approximately 8-13 minutes with a good team and you can go get your title and then still have time to farm some items to sell.


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    At the end of the Secret Lair of the Snowmen dungeon a chest will spawn. This chest will open one time for each player giving 2 items in Hard Mode and 1 in Normal Mode. This specific chest awards:


    • Snowman Summoner Yuletide Tonic Guild Wars 
    • Yuletide Tonic
    • Eggnog
    • Spiked Eggnog
    • Fruitcake
    • Peppermint Candy Cane
    • Wintergreen Candy Cane
    • Rainbow Candy Cane
    • There will always be a Snowman Summoner from each chest opened; 1 from Normal Mode and 2 from Hard Mode.