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Guild Wars Ultimate Guide
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What is Guild Wars

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Guild Wars is a free MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft. It was released on April 26, 2005 and since then has sold millions of copies. Three add-ons have been released for Guild Wars: Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. There is no monthly fee to play Guild Wars, and no in-game cash shop. The business model relies entirely on the sale of add-ons and expansion packs.

Aside from the major town hubs, the entirety of the Guild Wars world is instanced to an individual or party. The game has a heavy Player vs. Player following which has kept the community quite lively over the years.

There is no official release date yet for Guild Wars 2, but current estimates are some time in 2010.

General Guild Wars Guides

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Creating the Perfect Build for Any Character

Earning gold does not have to be a chore

Grinding a Green Woe Spreader

Henchmen Skill Bar Contest

Insignias Guide (Part 1)

Insignias Guide (Part 2)

Pre-Searing Dye Solo Farm

Special Commands Guide (Part 1)

Special Commands Guide (Part 2)

Solo Farms:

Elementalist Solo Farm

Monk Solo Feather Farm

Guild Wars 2

Preview of Guild Wars 2: New MMORPG

Guild Wars Dungeon Guides


Mastering the dungeons of Guild Wars can be difficult and time consuming. These guides will help you through the various dungeons of Guild Wars.

Arachni’s Haunt Dungeon Guide

Bloodstone Caves Dungeon Guide

Bogroot Growths Dungeon Guide

Catacombs of Kathandrax Dungeon Guide

Cathedral of Flames Dungeon Guide

Darkrime Delves Dungeon Guide

Duncan the Black Dungeon Guide

Forgewight Dungeon Guide

Fronis Irontoe’s Lair Dungeon Guide

Frostmaw’s Burrows Dungeon Guide


Heart of the Shiverpeaks Dungeon Guide

Justiciar Thommis Dungeon Guide

Oola’s Lab Dungeon Guide

Ooze Pit Dungeon Guide

Raven’s Point Dungeon Guide

Rragar’s Menagerie Dungeon Guide

Secret Lair of the Snowmen Dungeon Guide

Selvetarm Dungeon Guide

Speulchre of Dragrimmar Dungeon Guide

Shards of Orr Dungeon Guide

Vloxen Excavations Dungeon Guide

Character Rune and Gear Guides

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Effectively runing and gearing your characters is very important for top performance at level 20. These guides will help players of any class get the most out of their character.

How to Rune and Gear Your Assassin at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Dervish at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Elementalist at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Mesmer at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Monk at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Necromancer at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Paragon at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Ranger at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Ritualist at Level 20

How to Rune and Gear Your Warrior at Level 20

Guild Wars Title Guides

Titles in Guild Wars are a way to show off a player’s achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. However, players can only achieve a maximum of 43 on any given character. The two titles that collide with each other are Survivor and Defender of Ascalon. You cannot get Defender of Ascalon without dying and you cannot die to get Survivor. So to get one the character will miss out on getting the other.

Titles are displayed under the Guild Wars character’s name. To view titles in progress or to see those that are completed tap the “h” key while in game and a screen will come up with a tab that allows you an overview of all your titles. Players can also change which title is displayed on their character from this screen as well.

On to the title guides:

Guile Wars: Asura Title Guide

Guild Wars: Cartographer and Legendary Cartographer Title Guide

Guild Wars: Champion Title Guide

Guild Wars: Commander Title Guide

Guild Wars: Defender of Ascalon Title Guide

Guild Wars: Deldrimor Title Guide

Guild Wars: Drunkard Title Guide

Guild Wars: Ebon Vanguard Title Guide

Guild Wars: Gamer Title Guide

Guild Wars: Gladiator Title Guide

Guild Wars: Guardian and Legendary Guardian Title Guide

Guild Wars: Hero Title Guide

Guild Wars: Lightbringer Title Guide

Guild Wars: Lucky and Unlucky Title Guide

Guild Wars: Luxon and Kurzick Title Guide

Guild Wars: Master of the North Title Guide

Guild Wars: Maxed Titles Guide

Guild Wars: Norn Title Guide

Guild Wars: Party Animal Title Guide

Guild Wars: Protector Title Guide

Guild Wars: Skill Hunter and Legendary Skill Hunter Title Guide

Guild Wars: Sunspear Title Guide

Guild Wars: Survivor Title Guide

Guild Wars: Sweet Tooth Title Guide

Guild Wars: Treasure Hunter Title Guide

Guild Wars: Wisdom Title Guide

Guild Wars: Zaishen Title Guide