Guild Wars Insignia Guide and PC Tormentors Insignia for the Necromancer

Guild Wars Insignia Guide and PC Tormentors Insignia for the Necromancer
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Guild Wars Insignias

Insignias in Guild Wars are used as an armor upgrade that can go on all playable character’s armor, and also on hero armor sets. These upgrades were first introduced in the game with the Guild Wars: Nightfall expansion. They can now be purchased from the Rune Trader or from other players in the game. You can also receive an insignia as a drop from a foe, if you salvage it off of the drop it was on. This is done with the use of the expert salvage kit or the superior salvage kit.

There are common insignias that all professions can use, and there are also profession specific insignias for each profession, such as the PC Tormentors Insignia that only Necromancers can use. Before buying and using an insignia, it is best to fully plan ahead what other insignias and runes you plan on using on an armor set. That way, you won’t waste any insignias or runes if you mess up by not planning ahead.

Elementalist Insignias

The Elementalist profession has five insignias specific for them. These aren’t used that frequently, as most that play this profession prefer to have a higher amount of energy. Therefore, the Radiant insignia is more popular to use. Guild Wars armor for Elementalist is very popular though, so most that play this profession have an armor set for every possible thing that they can do.

Aeromancer: Armor +10 very elemental or lightning damage.

Geomancer: Armor +10 versus elemental or earth damage.

Hydromancer: Armor +10 versus elemental or cold damage.

Prismatic: Amor +5 if you have 9 in Air, Earth, Fire, or Water magic.

Pyromancer: Armor +10 versus elemental or fire damage.

Mesmer Insignias

Guild Wars Gwen Hero

The Mesmer has three insignias specific for their armor. These insignias can be helpful, but most Mesmers prefer to use the Radiant insignia to give them extra energy.

Prodigy’s: Amor +5 while recharging skills.

Artificer’s: Amor +3 for each signet equipped.

Virtuoso’s: Amor +15 while activating skills.

Necromancer Insignias

There are six Guild Wars Necromancer specific insignias for armor. This profession uses most of these quite frequently. Depending on what they are doing in the game, they should be able to use an armor set specifically for that purpose. For instance, when going against foes that deal holy damage, finding the armor that uses the PC Tormentor’s insignia would be best used to block that type of attack.

Necromancer Elite Kurzick Armor

Blighter’s: Armor +20 while affected by a hex spell.

Bloodstained: Reduces the casting time of the spells that will exploit corpses by 25%. It is non stacking.

Bonelace: Armor +15 against piercing attacks.

Minion Master’s: Armor +5 while you are in control of a minion.

Tormentor’s: Armor +10 and holy damage you receive increased by 6 on chest armor, by 4 on leg armor, and by 3 on any other armor.

Undertaker’s: Armor +5 while your health is below 80%.

Assassin Insignias

There are four Assassin specific insignias. This profession is in the front line for damage, so they do use their special insignias quite often.

Infiltrator’s: Armor +10 versus piercing and physical damage.

Nightstalker’s: Armor +15 while attacking.

Saboteur’s: Amor +10 versus slashing and physical damage.

Vanguard’s: Armor +10 versus blunt and physical damage.

Dervish Insignias

Guild Wars Dervish in Action

There are two insignias that are specific for the Dervish profession. This type of character often uses enchantments, so their insignias can be very helpful to use.

Forsaken: Armor +10 while not affected by an enchantment spell.

Windwalker: Armor +5 while affected by an enchantment spell.

Paragon Insignia

Guild Wars Paragon in Battle

There is only one Paragon Guild Wars specific insignia. However, it is a very helpful insignia that would almost always be in effect when on a Paragon’s armor. Therefore, it is often used for this profession, and is very helpful as an armor upgrade.

Centurion’s: Armor +10 while affected by an Echo, a Chant, or a Shout.

Ritualist Insignias

Guild Wars Ritualist Elite Luxon Armor

The Ritualist has three profession specific insignias. Depending on what you are doing in the game, they can come in handy. Many Ritualists prefer to use the Radiant insignias to give them extra energy though.

Ghost Forge: Armor +15 while you are affected by a weapon spell.

Mystic’s: Armor +15 while activating skills.

Shaman’s: Armor +5 while you control a spirit.


  • All screenshots and references from Guild Wars.

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