Party Animal Title Guide in Guild Wars

Party Animal Title Guide in Guild Wars
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Titles and Guild Wars

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Titles in Guild Wars are a way to show off a player’s achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. However, players can only achieve a maximum of 43 on any given character. The two titles that collide with each other are Survivor and Defender of Ascalon. You cannot get Defender of Ascalon without dying and you cannot die to get Survivor.

Unseen Tonic Guild Wars

So to get one the character will miss out on getting the other.

Titles are displayed under the Guild Wars character’s name. To view titles in progress or to see those that are completed tap the “h” key while in game and a screen will come up with a tab that allows you an overview of all your titles. Players can also change which title is displayed on their character from this screen as well.

Party Animal Title

The Party Animal Title is a core title in the Guild Wars game that does not directly deal with any specific campaign but instead with the usage of specific items. Festive items like tonics, snowman summoners, sparklers, and disco balls will all give points towards this title. The idea is to use items that are party related. Points given out by these items vary from 1-2-3-5-7.

Squash Serum

There are 2 tiers in the Party Animal title track.

Party Animal Guild Wars

  • 1- Party Animal – 1,000 Points
  • 2- Life of the Party – 10,000 Points

Party Items Available

There are many items inside the Guild Wars game that players can use with their characters. However, knowing which ones work

Automatonic Guild Wars

towards the Party Animal title and then how many points each is worth can be hard to figure out. Here is a guide with a list of each item as well as how many points it will award the character.

1 Point

  • Squash Serum
  • Sparkler
  • Snowman Summoner
  • Ghost-in-the-Box
  • Champagne Popper
  • Bottle Rocket

2 Points

  • Unseen Tonic

    Champagne Popper Guild Wars

  • Cottontail Tonic

  • Sinister Automatonic

  • Trapdoor Tonic

  • Mischievous Tonic

  • Frosty Tonic

  • Automatonic

  • Phantasmal Tonic

  • Yuletide Tonic

  • Transmogrifier Tonic

  • Beetle Juice tonic

3 Points

Disco Ball Guild Wars

  • Crate of Fireworks
  • Zaishen Tonic

5 Points

  • Mysterious Tonic

7 Points

  • Disco Ball

Party Animal Title Walkthrough

To obtain the Party Animal title is very easy and yet very expensive unless you farm the items yourself. Since there is such a large

Snowman Summoner Guild Wars

array of items that can be used for this title many people will sell them throughout the year in major towns and outposts. Be forewarned that everlasting tonics and everlasting crate of fireworks will not count towards the Party Animal title so do not buy them unless for personal use.

The most efficient way to farm Party Animal items is by doing solo runs during events when the items drop in Guild Wars or by completing the snowman dungeon over and over. The snowman dungeon offers a chest at the end and you are guaranteed at least one Party Animal point from the snowman summoner. In hard mode

Crate of Fireworks Guild Wars

the chest gives 2 snowman summoners and two items. These items will be things that count towards titles and you could possibly obtain other things that count towards the Party Animal title as well.

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