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Guild Wars: Bogroot Growths Dungeon Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars offers players an unlimited world of monsters and allies to fight and win battles with. Dungeons in Guild Wars will also give players opportunity to make large amounts of Guild Wars gold in the game.

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    Bogroot Growths and Related Quests

    Guild Wars is an ever growing MMORPG that gamers across the nation are playing. Almost every dungeon in Guild Wars has tremendous rewards and knowing how to run them will help your bank account in the game. Bogroot Growths is a dungeon in Eye of the North: Guild Wars that will reward players handsomely for defeating bosses or for total dungeon completion. There are multiple bosses and boss-like foes inside Bogroot Growths. Some of the creatures and monsters you will encounter are heckets, insects, and plants mostly level 20 through 24 with a few level 10 to 15 spores here and there. The final boss will be a level 29. Ophil Patriarch Guild Wars 

    There are two quests associated with Bogroot Growths and either one or the other is needed for completions of the dungeon.

    • Tekks’s War
    • Griff’s War

    Stormcloud Incubus Guild Wars Tekks’s War is on the yellow side and will offer different bosses than Griff’s War which is on the red side. It does not matter which side you choose they both allow for dungeon completion. To obtain the quests you can visit Griff or Tekks in Sparkfly Swamp.

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    Location and Navigation of Bogroot Growths

    Finding your way to the location of and then navigating through any dungeon in Guild Wars can be a challenge in itself without mentioning the bosses, your henchmen not listening, and other problems that can arise. Dungeons are spread out all over Eye of the North in hidden locations that you must discover yourself. There will not be a marker on your map to the location of any dungeon unless you have taken your character to the there and uncovered it. Here is a map of how to get from Gadd’s Encampment to Path  to Bogroot Growths from Gadds Encampment Guild Wars Bogroot Growths.

    Follow the inside dungeon map carefully to avoid unnecessary fights and going down the wrong tunnels. Here are maps of the first and second levels in Bogroot Growths.

    Bogroot Growths Level 1 Guild Wars Bogroot Growths Level 2 Guild Wars 

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    Light of Deldrimor Locations

    Almost every dungeon in Eye of the North: Guild Wars has treasures to discover and allies to fight by your side. Bogroot Growths is no exception. If you carry the Light of Deldrimor skill on your skill bar and use it in the correct locations you will discover a whole new level of making gold in dungeons. Here are the Light of Deldrimor locations inside Bogroot Growths.

    First Floor

    • The second Beacon of Droknar will have a Dwarven Ghost to help you fight. Dwarven Ghost Guild Wars 
    • Between the poison will be two Hidden Treasures for you to loot.
    • Between the third resurrection shrine and the end level portal will be another Hidden Treasure.
    • While looking for that third Hidden Treasure near the end level portal you should also come across your second Dwarven Ghost.

    Second Floor

    • The beginning of the second floor will have a Hidden Treasure.
    • While walking along the path in the second floor you will find two additional Hidden Treasures filled with goodies.

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    Bogroot Growths Rewards

    The reward chest for this specific dungeon is appropriately named Bogroot Chest and will open one time for each player upon completion of the dungeon. The chest gives one item in normal mode and two items in hard mode to each person. The Bogroot Chest awards:

    • Crafting Materials; Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, or Onyx Gemstone
    • Naga Shaman Polymock Piece
    • Gold Item; some exclusive to this dungeon include the Frog Scepter, Moldavite Staff, and the Emerald Edge
    • Unique Item; Bogroot Focus, Rod, or Staff.

    Bogroot Staff Guild Wars 

    You will also get additional rewards upon completion of Bogroot Growths. There will be 1500 Asuran reputation points given for completion in hard mode and 1000 in normal mode. Those numbers will be cut in half for additional dungeon runs. Make sure to bring 1 or 2 minion masters into Bogroot Growths to have corpse control because the enemies will produce quite a threat with their own minions if you do not.