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Guild Wars: Bloodstone Caves Dungeon Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars offers players an unlimited world of monsters and allies to fight and win battles with. Dungeons in Guild Wars will also give players oppertunity to make large amounts of Guild Wars gold in the game.

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    Bloodstone Caves and Related Quests

    Guild Wars is a free MMORPG that offers gamers multiple worlds of engaging PvP and PvE. Hiding inside these worlds are dungeons that have many treasures to offer those who dare to enter. Bloodstone Caves is one such dungeon that the Asuran Gadd will insist you visit. Helping Gadd find the bloodstone will enable the guardian’s inscriptions to be deciphered and further your character along in the Eye of the North: Guild Wars quest line. Do not forget to visit the collector Pekk who collects 5 Fungal Roots in exchange for one handy dungeon map or another item of your choosing.Gadds Encampment Guild Wars 

    The first time you complete Bloodstone Caves three quests will need to be completed in order to get through all three floors of the dungeon. Each quest is linked and to start the series you will need to go to Gadd’s Encampment and talk to Saerin.

    • The Blade’s Essence
    • The Arrow’s Point
    • Crystal Method

    After completing these three quests only the final quest, Crystal Method, is needed to complete the dungeon. You will not need to complete The Blade’s Essence or The Arrow’s Point.

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    Location and Navigation of Bloodstone Caves

    Photo By Melina Ann Collison Bloodstone Caves Level 1 Guild Wars Finding and navigating through a dungeon in Guild Wars is half the battle to completing it. You could walk past the entrance of a dungeon a half dozen times and not even know what you are looking at. Leave Gadd’s Encampment and turn to your East. Follow the south wall and hug the side. You will encounter monsters so be ready to fight. Almost to the end of the south wall in Sparkfly Swamp the entrance looks like it is blocked by a large stone wall. Just stand there and watch as it lifts and moves out of the way to reveal the passage to Bloodstone caves.

    Bloodstone Caves Level 2 Guild Wars 

    Once inside the dungeon there are many twists and turns. It can be hard to navigate through the tunnels and know which way to turn. Follow the maps closely for each level and you should have an easier time finding your way.

    Bloodstone Caves Level 3 Guild Wars 

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    Light of Deldrimor Locations

    Most dungeons in Guild Wars offer multiple loot options if you know where to look. Bringing the skill Light of Deldrimor will open up treasures and ally to fight by your side in battle if you know the correct places. Here is a list of the Light of Deldrimor locations inside Bloodstone Caves.

    First Level

    • The path next to the area map will have a Dwarven Ghost to help you fight. Dwarven Ghost Guild Wars 
    • The beginning of the dungeon will have a Hidden Treasure.
    • Paranoia Ettin spawns in a small room that also holds a Hidden Treasure.
    • South east of the Paranoia Ettin will be another Hidden Treasure.
    • Near the steps to the second level will be your final Hidden Treasure of this floor.

    Second Level

    • There will be a Dwarven Ghost by the first Beacon of Droknar on the second floor.
    • The first room you enter will hold three different Hidden Treasures for you to obtain near the poison traps.
    • The middle shrine has a Dwarven Ghost.
    • The end shrine also has a Dwarven Ghost.
    • Between the two middle and end shrines will be two Hidden Treasures near the poison trap.

    Third Level

    • When you reach the second Beacon of Droknar on the third floor there will be a switch that will open a passage located back at the beginning of the dungeon.
    • Three Hidden Treasures are located on this floor; left side of the bloodstone, right side of the bloodstone, and next to the bridge leaving the main room.
    • Hidden Area:
    • When you come to a fork go left and you will find a Dwarven Ghost and Hidden Treasure at the top of the hill.
    • When you come to that same fork go right and get the hidden treasure right before the bridge.

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    Bloodstone Caves Rewards

    Just about every dungeon in Guild Wars offers unbeatable loot options for players to discover and utilize in the game and the Bloodstone Caves is no different. At the end of this dungeon an Eldritch Chest will appear and offer two items for each player in hard mode and one item in normal mode. This chest awards:

    • Crafting Materials; Diamond or Onyx Gemstone
    • Mantis Dreamweaver Polymock Piece
    • Gold Item; some exclusive to this dungeon are the Topaz Scepter and Ancient Moss Staff
    • Unique Item; Eldritch Staff, Maul, or Sword.

    Additionally, upon completion of Bloodstone caves players will receive 2250 Dwarven reputation points in hard mode and 1500 points in normal mode for the first time and half that amount for additional dungeon runs. This is a short dungeon despite the three levels and does not take long to run with a well formed group that works together.

    Eldritch Sword Guild Wars