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Guild Wars: Arachni’s Haunt Dungeon Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Learn how to run the Arachni's Haunt dungeon in Guild Wars. Earn tons of Guild Wars gold by learning how to run dungeons. Guild Wars guide and walkthrough.

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    Arachni’s Haunt and Related Quests

    Arachni’s Haunt is a dungeon in Guild Wars that is home to Arachni; a Ranger Spider boss found on level 2. There are also 3 other bosses found throughout level 1 and 2 of Arachni’s Haunt; Spider Matriarch, Lok The Mischievous, and Brood Warden. There are a multitude of monsters to be found in this dungeon that range from spiders, to plants, to ooze, insects, and elementals just to name a few. Most monster levels will be ranged from 20 through 24 with a few 28s and 10s thrown in here and there. Commander Hixx Guild Wars 

    Don’t forget to grab the buff from your Beacon of Droknar or visit Dagnor Grubeater the collector who will gladly take 5 Lavastrider Appendages off your hands in exchange for an item of your choice or a handy dungeon map. In order to access this dungeon the quest Scrambled Reinforcements is needed to be active. To obtain this quest visit Commander Hixx. He is found in the south west corner of Magus Stones.

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    Location and Navagation of Arachni’s Haunt

    Finding the location of each dungeon or how to navigate through them each individually can be half the battle of completing one. The Guild Wars mapping system and quest guide is simple to use because it gives you either a green arrow to follow and/or a green star where the location is. Here is a map of the route to take from Rata Sum to Arachni’s Haunt’s front door.Archnis Hunt Location Guild Wars 

    Arachni's Hanut Map Guild Wars Now that you have found your way into the dungeon you will need to navigate your party through the many tunnels by choosing the correct paths. Also, do not be caught unaware while inside and know where all the bosses will be located so you can properly buff your party before battle. Here are maps of both the first and second floors of Arachni’s Haunt.

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    Light of Deldrimor Locations

    Most dungeons in Guild Wars offer multiple Light of Deldrimor rewards for players to discover if they bring their skill. Here is a list of the locations to “discover” your treasures.

    First Floor

    • The room found directly after your second Beacon of Droknar is going to contain a Dwarven Ghost. Look in the center of the south wall.
    • Lok The Mischievous is located inside a large room with columns. On your left side there will be a row of columns; look behind the second to last one to open a passage that is in the center of the south wall. Here you will find three separate Hidden Treasures.
    • While inside the hidden passage the first room will also give you another Dwarven Ghost.
    • There is a slope in the room with your first Spider Matriarch that you will need to go up in order to locate the third Dwarven Ghost of this dungeon. After the poison traps go to your right and you will see the slope, make a left and walk over the bridge straight ahead.
    • Your second Spider Matriarch will also give you two Hidden Treasures; one by her web and the other just up the slope.

    Second Floor

    • Your very first Asura Flame Staff will be the location of a switch that opens up a passageway behind the Area Map with two Hidden Treasures.
    • The first Beacon of Droknar is by a room with bugs and mushrooms. Go to the south end and get a Hidden Treasure.
    • You will come across a room with several caskets on the floor after the second Beacon of Droknar. You will uncover a Dwarven Ghost near the casket with no lid and a Hidden Treasure a tiny bit east.
    • There is a path that goes south under the second Beacon of Droknar that has columns on both sides. On your left between the third columns you will a Hidden Treasure.

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    Dungeon Rewards

    Each dungeon in Guild Wars offers a chest with rewards for players who complete the tasks assigned in the specific areas. Each boss has been beaten, the monsters have been killed, and your friends are all still alive so a chest pops up, usually behind the last boss, and will open once for each player. Arachni’s Haunt has a chest named Arachni’s Spoils and gives one item to players in normal mode and two in hard mode. This chest awards:

    • Crafting Maerials; onyx gem, sapphire, diamond, or ruby
    • Mantis Dreamweaver Polymock Piece
    • Gold Item; some exclusive to this dungeon are the Insectoid Staff and Scythe
    • Unique Item; Arachni’s Staff, Longbow, or Scythe

    Arachni Guild Wars Boss Furthermore, upon Arachni’s Haunt completion players will receive 2250 Asura reputation points in hard mode and 1500 in normal mode for the first time and half that amount for any additional complete dungeon runs. There is an additional unique item that can be obtained in the dungeon; The Matriarch’s Spider. The Spider Matriarchs on levels 1 and 2 drops this.