The Complete Far Cry Series Guide

The Complete Far Cry Series Guide
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Far Cry & Far Cry 2

Far Cry was released way back in 2003, before anyone had ever heard of Crysis or the Crytek engine. Of course, the game was met with critical acclaim for its admittedly amazing (and GPU-killing) graphics. Far Cry operates with a mix of surprising fast paced action and then slow-paced open-world stalking. It is a sandbox style-shooter, a true unique for 2003. So how was Far Cry met by gaming critics for the rest of its attributes? Check out our Far Cry review to find out. Also, take an in-depth look at the gaming developments of first person shooters over the years for more insight about the uniqueness of Far Cry.

Thankfully, Far Cry was good enough to warrant a sequel, Far Cry 2 to be released in 2009. Taking place in the African jungle, Far Cry 2 is an intensely visceral game that has your character jamming epi-pens into his leg for health, and taking bullets out of his leg with a pair of (non-sterilized) tweezers…all in realistic first-person mode. I’m not sure that the future of impressive graphical advancements were meant to be used like this, but the dense jungle foliage is beautiful, and firefights are hilariously fun. Check out our Far Cry 2 Review for more details.

Far Cry 2 Weapons and Strategies

What is a beautiful jungle-based FPS without beautifully rusted weapons and psychotic arms dealers? Not Far Cry 2, as this game has plenty of both…along with a ridiculous arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, min-machine guns, .50 cal cannons, flamethrowers and even rocket launchers. Of course, these weapons wouldn’t matter if the ballistics system wasn’t great to look at and hear. Explosions ripple through the slot canyons of the African jungle-scape as fireballs billow out like mini-nuclear mushroom clouds. Here is an in-depth look into the weapons system in Far

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Cary 2.

Far Cry 2: Walkthroughs

With such an abundance of things to do and enemies to kill, staying focused on the main missions in Far Cry 2 can be quite difficult, especially given the horrible mini-map function. In particular the beginning missions of Far Cry 2 can be very frustrating to navigate. You start off as one of several different (9 to be exact) playabale characters, each with their own backstories. These stories will change with each character, and will change the overall course of the game. Still, each beginning mission is quite slow and annoying to rush through without getting lost. Thankfully, there are several excellent mission walkthroughs for Far Cry available at the moment.

Far Cry 2: Achievements, Cheats and Modding


One of the most satisfying features of many games released nowadays is the addition of hilarious and challenging achievement goals into the game world. Blowing up 5 straight enemies with land mines is a thoroughly brutal yet satisfying streak to get in Far Cry 2, and you can read about more achievements like that here.

Despite your pretty impressive killing prowess, enemies can still get the jump on your character and knock you out with just a few well placed grenades or sniper shots. What is a bad-ass rocket launcher toting hulk to do? Stealthy movements is the name of the game in Far Cry 2, and luckily, there is an excellent guide for those moving stealthy and getting the drop on their enemies every time.

One of the most fun things to do in an open world shooter like Far Cry 2 is to make absurbly huge battles happen regularly with cheats like God mode and enemy spawning codes. Of course, all of this is possible in Far Cry 2, and these along with unlimited ammo and weapons makes cheating in Far Cry 2 very, very fun.

Modding is the act of coding and implementing new content or rebalanced content into a game world. Luckily for PC gamers, Far Cry 2 comes bundled with an extensive modding kit, which has made the Far Cry 2 mod community strong. But you don’t have to rely solely on other modders to make your own fun maps, as the Far Cry 2 map making guide is right here.

The Far Cry series, while not the best video games ever made, represent a huge leap forward in technical prowess and first person shooter creativity, and should be played by all at least once.