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Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – UFLL mission 3

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

For the third UFLL mission, and final mission of Act 1, you will be sabotaging a greenhouse’s irrigation system. This guide will show you how to navigate by using your far cry 2 map, getting to your location and completing the mission (or at least one way to do this).

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    Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – Grow Op

    Far Cry 2 - Hector Voorhees In the last UFLL mission you drove to an oasis and gained the co-ordinates to the king’s gold-stash, or chose the subverted mission which has you driving to the king’s fortress for an assassination. The next UFLL mission will see you drive to the Occidental Grower’s Company in order to sabotage the farm’s irrigation system.

    You will initially get the mission from Gakumba’s associate, Hector Voorhees, who informs you that the farm is under APR protection in exchange for providing fresh-produce and exclusive food. As a side note, I’d like to add that you might not necessarily get the mission straight-away and instead be asked to liberate a prisoner.

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    Far Cry 2 Map - Mission Location Look at the Far Cry 2 map and check the location; you will soon notice that it is adjacent to the river, so a boat might be the easiest way there. You can take a boat if you wish, but it is not actually the easiest way.

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    Far Cry 2 - Your Destination For a start, you will be attacked frequently by boats and nearby mercenaries; secondly, it will take a long time to arrive and you will land on the very north-side of the farm where you are easier to spot. Hence, we will take another route: from Pala take the bus to south-east Leboa-Sako.

    Get a vehicle to drive up to the location. You can visit the ammo-depot nearby and purchase a rocket launcher/ IED’s and extra syrettes if you like. You should have some diamonds by now. My load-out included the Dragunov (as usual) and a rocket-launcher for fun, leaving the PKM at home.

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    The Occidental Grower’s Company

    Far Cry 2 Map - Sniping Position Keep driving north and clear the guarded post just before the farm. Next there is a sniper located in the north-east section, so take him out and take that position.

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    Irrigation System Explodes Take out a few guards from here; once you snipe one they’ll become alarmed and start moving around; that way you can see them despite the thick crops. Move to the greenhouse, mopping up whoever is left and take out the irrigation system. Done.

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    Subverted Mission

    The Defoliant The subverted mission is rather annoying; not only it involves destroying the irrigation system but also saving your buddy’s skin. You’ll need to detour to get some defoliant to destroy the crops, as if the rest isn’t enough.

    First drive to the safehouse and get the mission. Next it’s the chemical dump; drive at the borders of the rocky terrain and a narrow-path. The guards should be easy to clear with a sniper rifle. Get the defoliant, and the diamond-case on top of the truck if you like and head to the air-strip.

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    Subverted Mission - Ending

    Occidental Growers Company The airbase is clear so all you need to do is drop the chemical by your buddy. Next take the actual mission; take the same route as above. After clearing the place a bit blow-up the irrigation system.

    Lastly your friend will ask you for assistance; quickly drive to the place indicated on your far cry 2 map and get ready for another fight. There will be quite a few mercs, so perhaps snipe the first few and use an assault rifle. Your buddy can easily die in this so save the game before your rescue operation.