Far Cry 2 Infamous Difficulty Guide - UFLL Mission 2

Far Cry 2 Infamous Difficulty Guide - UFLL Mission 2
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Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – Oeduard Rex

In the previous article we looked at how to complete the first UFLL mission, by destroying supplies in a Jeep. We move onto the next mission which involves seizing the king’s gold: the UFLL will do just that but the dirty work is up to you.

The king is apparently attempting to regain control of the country, having imported a large quantity of gold which is stashed near a fort in the middle of the oasis. Your job is to retrieve this gold’s co-ordinates to stop it all from happening, and Gakumba will make this clear in your briefing. By doing this you will considerably limit the king’s funds which should allow the UFLL’s faction to retain that power balance and keep APR in check.

You can do this on your own or take the subverted mission which will be rather more difficult since you are to go into the actual fort which is well guarded. If you play on far cry 2 infamous difficulty you can also use this guide which leans toward stealth rather than blitz attacks.

Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – The Oasis

Far Cry 2 - Ideal Sniping Position

First get hold of a sniper rifle, the M1903 being good at this point though I personally chose the Dragunov. Drive to the oasis but do not go too near the mission circle so you will have an opportunity to scout the area. There is little cover here to the enemy’s disadvantage.

The gold is located underground, near a cistern, so you can start sniping a good amount of guards in order to make your way down there. Move towards the ladder and descend, send the gold’s co-ordinates to the UFLL headquarters and move out carefully.

You won’t know where the other guards are as you pop out of there, so watch out perhaps arming yourself with an MG or secondary weapon. You can actually make a quick get away if you’ve parked your Jeep nearby without needing to kill off the remaining mercs

Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – The Subverted Mission

Far Cry 2 - Gold Location

Should you decide to let your buddy help you out he will provide some intel which involves the king’s son. You are to barge into the fort, kill off the king and steal his ring for his son. This is much more fun than running the straight-mission but it results in being more difficult, particularly on far cry 2 infamous difficulty.

You can drive there and use your sniper-rifle to pop a few of the guards posted on the towers, but it will create havoc. The fort is well guarded so it is suggested you enter from south-east for easier access. Kill your way through the entrance, climb the stairs and the king is there. Kill him off and take his ring then make your way out.

Return to the safe house and hand the ring to Prince Oeduard. You’re not finished here though. Lastly help out your buddy, who’s in a tight situation, by killing off all the APR troops so he can escape unscathed. The latter stage is more difficult on far cry 2 infamous setting but, by choosing your cover, you should pull through.

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