Guide for Far Cry 2: New Weapons You Can Buy and the UFLL's First Mission

Guide for Far Cry 2: New Weapons You Can Buy and the UFLL's First Mission
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Far Cry 2 - New Weapons and the First Faction Mission

You will finally be free to roam as you complete the initial training missions and the mission entitled ‘Delivery’, but for a good payout it is best to go straight to the faction missions. In Far Cry 2 there are two opposing factions, being the APR and the UFLL, and completing their missions will pay a good amount of diamonds.

We begin with the UFLL missions in Far Cry 2 (new weapons are now affordable) which will finally see you set off in the jungle landscapes and open deserts of this open-ended world. You can also use the buddy you’ve just freed in order to help you out on your mission, by subversion and intelligence. You can buy a new weapon at the ammo shop, as we will see, and avoid jamming (or even the weapon exploding) by having a perfectly function weapon waiting in the depot every single time.

UFLL Mission 1 – Base Spear

Here you can just head straight for the mission, despite your buddy contacting you saying he/she would make things easier. Go to Pala to take this mission, where the UFLL operatives (and APR) are stationed; walk through the guarded door, after handing-in your ‘hardware’, and hear Dr Gakumba out.

After briefing, head to an ammo shop (you now have some diamonds at your disposal) preferably the nearest one by Mike’s bar. You can use the computer by the desk to purchase weapons, upgrades or manuals if you have enough diamonds. Weapons are unlocked by missions, given out by the weapon-shop owner when he is around. It is suggested you pick the M1903 sniper rifle, one of the better weapons in Far Cry 2 (new weapons which are in-demand also include the Dragunov or the AR.)

Get the bus (marked on your map) to the south-east bus stop (also marked) and start heading toward the oasis: enemies will have a height advantage so it is best to pick them out with the sniper rifle. Remember the mission objective is to take out the Spec-ops gear, which is on a derelict truck nearby. You can play the stealth card which will see you through a deceptively easy mission, where most players kill every patrolman in-sight.

This mission is actually incredibly easy, despite having you think that the area is well guarded and the only way is to kill everyone by assault. Go around the mission-circle and move toward the south where the area is poorly guarded. The truck is just sitting there and two propane-tanks make easy targets. Snipe one of the tanks and every bit of gear goes off, chaos ensues and you can either make your get-away quickly or kill off the rest of the enemies (if you are so inclined.)

For the next part we will look at the second UFLL mission.

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