Far Cry 2 Guide - Training Before the Faction Missions

Far Cry 2 Guide - Training Before the Faction Missions
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Our Far Cry 2 Guide

Since Far Cry 2 is quite an open-ended game you do not have to follow any particular guides or walkthroughs, and can easily have fun exploring on your own in a non-linear fashion. However, the guides are helpful when you aren’t quite sure how to proceed in a particular mission, you find yourself lost or simply feel overwhelmed just by the freedom given in the game.

Welcome to the first part of our Far Cry 2 guide, which should provide just the above: help you out when you are stuck. In this part we will go through some of the tutorial missions and what weapons and routes work best for them. If you need info on weapons, please look at the articles on primary and secondary weapons.

Tutorial Missions – Lumber Camp

Far Cry 2 guide - Lumbercamp

You will begin the game in a Jeep, being escorted by the cabbie to your hotel: suddenly an attack of malaria comes over you and you faint. You then find yourself in a dark room, with the Jackal making some speech about being in charge of everything: luckily you are spared and can move on.

You need to escape the town of Pala first, but eventually you will collapse from malaria (or be shot) and will wake up to one of the tutorial missions. Where you collapse determines the mission you undertake. Lumber Camp is effectively unlocked by collapsing in the north-east section.

The game will go through various tutorials which should be rather easy, such as repairing your car, acquiring your first safe-house and healing. The safe-house is not particularly difficult (manned by two smugglers only), after which you will go onto the proper mission.

You best travel by Mike’s bar and take this route to the lumber camp. Remember that cover is important as is recon work, which the game will tell you about. Park the car a little before the camp then move to the left of the path by a big boulder; begin your recon-work here (slowly passing through sections with your monocular) and you should find a mounted-gun, the prisoner’s hut and some ammo-crates.

Descend the hill, taking cover and using an MG to assault. Be aware that enemies will come to you so stay covered always. Pick up any health kits and ammo then move to the hut where you will free your first buddy, a great asset in coming faction missions. If you are stealth inclined instead, make sure it is night-time and the guards are out of range of the hut (they do move around.)

Tutorial Missions – Slaughterhouse

This is unlocked by collapsing, from malaria or gun-shot wound, in the south-west zone of Pala. This mission is almost exactly like Pit Fighter, which is unlocked by collapsing north-west, and which is not covered in our Far Cry 2 guide since it is exactly the same procedure.

Arturo Quiepo gives you the mission to grab your first safe house situated north of here. This is not all however, you will also need to scout a slaughterhouse which is filled with UFLL operatives, in other words APR’s and Arturo’s enemies (or opposing faction.)

The slaughterhouse isn’t particularly well-guarded and you can also use stealth to some effect here, though it’s unlikely you will have a sniper rifle at this stage of the game. You can also use the barrels to get rid of guards, shoot them and they will explode taking out whoever is nearby.

Finally rescue your first buddy (you should hear him/her call out) and move on.

Tutorial Missions – Dunk Cage

Far Cry 2 guide - Dunk Cage mission

This tutorial mission is unlocked by collapsing southeast of Pala. The tutorial missions are pretty much similar, if not exact copies of each other as in the case of Pit Fighter and Slaughterhouse, so you should have little trouble: hence why they are only a prelude to real missions.

Here Walton Purefoy instructs you to do much the same as Joaquin Carbonell (Lumber camp mission) and acquire your first safe house. It is in the same location as the lumber-camp mission safehouse. After which you will undertake a rescue mission by the fresh fish (marked on your map.) You can also use barrels as your explosive here; take out the guards one by one and rescue your first buddy to progress.

This concludes the tutorial missions for our Far cry 2 guide. Read the next chapter for the first UFLL mission.

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