A look at the primary weapons in Far Cry 2

A look at the primary weapons in Far Cry 2
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Primary Weapons

The primary weapons in-game consist solely of rifles or shotguns, with a wide-choice between automatic rifles, bolt-action, 3-round burst weapons or pump-action, to fulfil your “7-eleven” ransacking tendencies. Among the primary-slot weapon types, you also have sniper-rifles, which are costly but are very capable particularly for some later missions (such as the ACT 2 mortar enemies).

There are golden equivalents in the entire weapons category and primary weapons are no exception. You can get a golden AK47 for instance, which is more reliable and will degrade slower than its standard counterpart. There are five weapons of such type scattered across a map.

Finally, primary weapons are mostly used for long-range or stealthy purposes; if you intend to run at your enemies whilst dispersing a number of bullets at rapid fire, you will have to equip something else. Moreover, in order to use these weapons accurately it is necessary to aim through the ‘scope’ of the weapon, or you will leave it to chance to land a hit.

Some primary weapons

Far Cry 2 - AK47

AK47 – A popular choice for an assault rifle, since the Russian general drew the specs and assembled the first prototype. The Avtomat-Kalashnikova is famous for its reliability in all kinds of weather, and is also cheap to buy and upgrade. However, it isn’t the most accurate of weapons and it is best fired at short to medium ranges.

Accuracy and Reliability upgrades cost 2 diamonds, while a new AK will cost 10 diamonds. Its magazine capacity is 30 rounds. You can find an abundance of these weapons in the Leboa-Sako map, at the beginning of your campaign.



AR-16 – An American battle rifle originally designed to replace the M1 Garand model. The Armalite is a great assault rifle for accuracy, and it is equipped with a scope in order to render it more precise. It fires 3-round bursts and as such it is not well suited to full assaults, such as the AK is for instance, but rather as a quick burst weapon or a decoy. The Armalite’s reliability is what really lets it down however. Make sure that these weapons are new, do not pick up discarded AR’s or pick them up from dead enemies.

A new AR will cost 20 diamonds. Accuracy and Reliability upgrades cost 5 diamonds, and you can also upgrade your ammo capacity with 10 diamonds (Assault Webbing).. Its magazine capacity is 30 rounds. You can find these weapons in the Bowa-Seko map.

The primary weapons list will be continued in our next part.

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