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Far Cry 2: Primary Weapon Basics

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some of the primary Far Cry 2 weapons, together with their capabilities and limitations. We look at new types of weapons; the MGL grenade launcher, the MP5 silenced sub-machine gun and the SPAS 12 semi-automatic shotgun. This is a continuation of our previous weapons article.

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    Far Cry 2 Weapons - The MGL140

    MGL140 MGL140 – Now we get to the interesting stuff, although rightly expensive. This grenade launcher is originally of South African origin, manufactured by the Milkor company, and is capable of firing multiple shots as opposed to a normal single-round grenade launcher. Its magnified scope makes it extremely precise and it has a very long firing range; if you feel particularly volatile you can eliminate a whole camp of diamond smugglers. However the MGL is more suited to taking out armoured vehicles or convoys, and it comes particularly useful when you have to inflict damage on multiple enemies or create dispersion of some kind.

    A new MGL will cost 35 diamonds, so start saving up. It holds four rounds and will go through these fairly quickly. The Accuracy and Reliability upgrades cost 8 diamonds whilst it is 10 diamonds for the Grenadier Webbing (ammo-upgrade). It isn’t easy to find this weapon, and you will have to undertake the UFLL faction mission (Act 1) to find your first grenade launcher (search the safe house at the ‘Base mission’).

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    The MP5 With Silencer

    Silencer on MP5 MP5 (Silenced) – Finally a sub-machine gun! Dance my! Despite my evident display of enthusiasm for this weapon it is something which should be used to a tactical advantage. The MP5 is another weapon built by the German manufacturer Heckler and Koch, a 9mm sub-machine gun mostly known for being used by the ‘Bundespolizei’ in the 1960’s. The modern weapon in-game is however much more useful, as it allows you the best ambushes where the only thing heard would be the shuffling of the enemies. The range is fairly short and it’s a weapon best used when you are undetected by your foes.

    A new MP5 will cost 20 diamonds. Accuracy or Reliability upgrades cost 5 diamonds and an Ammo upgrade will cost 10. It can hold 30 rounds and is of course capable of automatic fire. You can find the SMG at Leboa-Sako.

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    The SPAS12

    Franchi SPAS SPAS12 – The Franchi SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun developed in Italy. It has a short barrel and isn’t capable of inflicting damage even at medium range, but the quick fire rate makes it preferable to the Homeland 37. It has quite a strong kickback as well, which wastes firing-time and aim to an extent.

    A new SPAS will cost 10 diamonds, considerably more than the Homeland 37. The Accuracy and Reliability upgrades are 3 diamonds whilst a Bandolier upgrade will cost 10 Diamonds (more ammo capacity). You can find these weapons in Leboa-Sako.

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