Xbox 360 Hints and Tips: Far Cry 2 Hints and Tips - Getting the Most out of your Game

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Stealthy Elimination

As you may notice by now, Far Cry 2 is not exactly the type of FPS that you’re accustomed to. Rather than a linear storyline, it has an open world and drops you in it with a single objective: to kill the man known as the Jackal. I’ve wondered whether or not you could explore every square inch of the game and just find the Jackal, but the alternative is probably easier. Just go around and complete missions until you finally acquire the information you require - the key is, “how to do those missions?” Here are the top three tips I can give you to accomplishing your mission.

Tip # 3 - Scout out the Position Prior to the Attack

The best way to complete the game is to first look at the location you’re about to attack. The game equips you with binoculars for a reason, as well as an interactive map to help you out. Tag the important parts of the location you’re scouting, then proceed to eliminate the enemies in the proper order (and using Tip # 2). Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to face your opponents and how best to dispatch them.

Tip # 2 - Let Creativity Be your Guide

Far Cry 2 was built on the idea that you’d be using your brain more than brawn to get through the challenges presented. As such, nine times out of ten, an enemy encampment has some sort of cleverly engineered puzzle for you to get rid of enemies even faster. More likely than not, these encampments have some sort of propane tank, or cars in strategic positions for you to blow up. For you to get started even faster, use your flamethrower (if you still have it) to encircle the enemies in a wall of flames, then chuck a grenade into their midst to watch them panic and either run through the flames or blow up.

Tip # 1 - Weapons and Upgrades

I can’t stress this enough - weapons in Far Cry 2 will make or break your experience. If all you do is go around collecting enemy weapons, be prepared for frustration as they jam and lock on you. If you spend your diamonds wisely, you’ll always have a reliable weapon on you. Remember, in this jungle, the rule of the game is getting a weapon that packs the biggest punch in order to deal out the most damage. Somewhere in your travels, you’ll find a grenade launcher - I would recommend that you keep that particular weapon, as it is an incredible damage-dealer and weapon that will do away with enemies quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, from far away.