Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Frogloks

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The Frogloks are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Frogloks are a good aligned race and may only start in Castleview Hamlet in the city of Qeynos.


The Frogloks are a race of frogs with several humanoid features, like the ability to walk upright, talk and most importantly, fight. The Frogloks worship, and are fiercely loyal to Mithaniel Marr. Frogloks are a very intelligence race and are capable of even the most complicated magic. They never stray toward evil or unjust classes and have a very fine tuned sense of right and wrong. Frogloks, like their frog ancestors, are amphibious and are just as at home in the water as on land.


Frogloks have two innate racial abilities available for use at level one. Both of these abilities are oriented around their amphibious nature. The first, Gills, allows them to breathe underwater indefinitely. This takes a lot of hassle out of finding items enchanted with Enduring Breath. Their second innate racial ability, Hydromotion, fits right in with Gills. Hydromotion allows Frogloks to not only walk on the floor of bodies of water, but to jump. Frogloks can traverse vast oceans and lakes as if they were meadows. This combination allows the ultimate ability to explore and fight in any underwater locale.


Every ten levels, Frogloks are able to choose one of the following racial traditions to permanently add to their abilities. The first seven listed are passive Froglok abilities. Spontaneous Metamorphosis grants the Froglok with a 3% bonus to their maximum health. Natural Acrobatic permanently increases their agility stat by five points. Soft Landing decreases falling damage taken by 25%. The Cold Blooded racial ability increases the Frogloks mitigation versus cold and heat spells and abilities. The amount of mitigation provided scales with level.

Zealotry of Marr increases Weaponsmithing successes by 5% and Fervor of Marr reduces the power cost of Metal Shaping abilities by 10%. Valor in Battle is a class type specific racial ability. For melee class types, this ability increases the chance of Double Attack by 2% and gives a five point bonus to the Crushing skill. For caster types, this ability grants a 2% increased chance for critical heals and increases the Ministration skill by five points.

Frogloks have three activated racial traditions. Astounding Leap is an instant ability that transports the Froglok to a position up to ten meters away from their position. It also lowers threat and reduces their agro position by one. Marr’s Glorious Blade is an AOE (Area of Effect) ability that deals Crushing damage to up to four targets around the Froglok. This ability has a two second casting time and a two minute recast time. The amount of damage dealt by this ability scales with level. Crusader’s Respite is the final Froglok activated racial tradition. This ability increases the Frogloks out of combat health regeneration and grants a bonus to the wisdom stat. The amount this ability increases the regeneration and wisdom scales with level.

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