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Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Fae

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Fae are one of nineteen starting races in the MMO Everquest 2. This guide explains strengths, lore and traditions available to the race.

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    The Fae are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion of Everquest 2. The Fae are a good aligned race and may start in Kelethin.

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    The Fae are a race of fairies that have evolved from ancient spirits of nature. It is widely believed that Tunare, the Mother of All, sensed the troubled times and willed the creation of these beings. They have great wings which they can use to glide around. Fae are extremely competent with magic and are very superstitious of all things. They are extremely mischievous and are prone to playing tricks on anyone or anything they encounter.

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    Fae have three innate racial abilities available to them at level one. The first, Slow Fall, is a permanent passive ability that greatly reduces the falling speed of the Fae. This is due to their great wings. The effect is canceled if attacked while falling. Wind Walker is an activated ability that increases movement speed by 50%. This ability lasts for thirty-six seconds and has a five minute recast time. Infravision is their third ability and has a two hour duration and instant recast time. This ability emphasizes all heat sources in the Faes field of vision.

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    Every ten levels, the Fae is able to choose one of the following ten racial traditions. The first eight listed are passive abilities. Magic of the Fae is a racial that increases the maximum power of the Fae by 3%. Fae Dexterity increases the agility of the Fae by five points. Toxic Protection, as the name implies, increases the Faes mitigation versus poison damage. The amount of mitigation scales with level. Magical Teachings permanently increases the Scribing skill of the Fae by five points.

    Aerial Dodging increases spell damage and healing critical chance by 1% and increases defense by five. Fae Flight permanently increases Fae movement speed in and out of combat by 5%. Glide increases the distance a Fae can jump. Forest Knowledge, the final passive ability, increases the Fletching skill of the Fae by five points.

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    The Fae have two activated racial traditions. Escaping Dive teleports the Fae to a random position up to ten meters away. It also decreases threat position by one and greatly reduces the threat level against the target. This ability has a five minute recast time. Fae Fire is an PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) fire damage and DoT (Damage Over Time) spell that targets up to four targets in a ten meter radius around the caster. The DoT lasts for six seconds, has a two second cast time and a one minute recast time. The amount of damage scales with level.