Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Kerrans

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The Kerrans are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Kerrans are a neutral aligned race and may start in Freeport, Qeynos or Gorowyn.


The Kerrans are a race of cat people who once inhabited islands and remote locations before The Shattering. The females are larger than the males. This results in a matriarchal society. The Vah Shir, a race of cat people from Luclin, came to Norrath and bred with the Kerrans. The Vah Shir were stronger than the Kerrans and the new breed was a powerful and formidable race.

The Kerrans have ongoing enmity with the Erudites. The Kerrans once inhabited the Isle of Erud. The Erudites later arrived and forcibly removed the Kerrans and outcast them from the island. The Erudites think of the Kerrans as no more than walking beasts.


The Kerrans have three innate racial abilities. The first is Sneak Attack, a passive ability. This ability increases stealth and invisible movement speed by 15%. This is a boon for scout classes. Feral Rage is an ability with a thirty-six second duration and a five minute recast time. This ability increases in-combat movement speed of the caster by 50%, used primarily for fleeing. The third is Sonicvision. This ability has a two hour duration. This ability outlines objects, creatures and characters in yellow and allows for night vision.


Every ten levels, the Kerran is able to choose one of the following ten racial traditions. The next eight listed are passive, permanent abilities. Gift of the Land reduces the power cost of Alchemy abilities by 10%. Timber Shaper increases Woodworking skill by five. Feline Grace decreases damage taken from falling by 25%. Kerra Speed increases the out-of-combat movement speed of the Kerran by 5%.

Ancestral Protection increases mitigation versus divine damage by seventy-five. Fleetness of Foot increases the agility of the Kerran by five. Tribal Knowledge increases the maximum power of the Kerran by 3%. Murrar Shar’s Guidance has a different effect for melee classes than caster classes. For melee types, it increases melee critical strike chance by 2% and Parry skill by five. For caster types, it increases heal critical chance by 2% and Ministration skill by five.

Kerrans have two activated racial traditions. Leaping Grace is an instant cast with a five minute recast time. This ability teleports the caster to a random location up to ten meters away from the target. It also decreases the threat position of the caster by one and decreases the threat to the target significantly. Claw is an ability that inflicts slashing damage to the target and decreases melee mitigation of the target. The damage and mitigation scale with the level of the caster. This ability has a one minute duration and a one minute recast time.

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