Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Erudites

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The Erudites are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Erudites are a neutral aligned race and may start in Freeport, Qeynos or Gorowyn.


Erudites are an uppity race descended from Humans, though they think themselves as having evolved from Humans. They have a massive intelligence and large foreheads, supposedly to hold their huge brains. Erudites have arcane markings and runes that cover their bodies. Erudites focus all their attention on magic and the pursuit of knowledge. They are traditionally dark skinned but some Erudites can be very pale.


Erudites have three innate racial abilities. The first, Clear Mind, is a passive ability. This ability increases the out of combat power regeneration rate of the Erudite by fourty-seven per tick. The second is an ability that lasts until cancelled. Falling Grace reduces the maximum falling speed of the caster. This allows for taking short-cuts or saving themselves from missteps. The third, Aura Sense, has a two hour duration and a two second recast time. Aura Sense grants Aura Vision, an enchantment that causes all magical beings in the casters vision to glow with a mystical aura.


Every ten levels, the Erudite is able to choose one of the following ten racial traditions. The first eight listed are passive abilities. Casting Fury increase the casting speed of the caster by 5% and the maximum power of the caster by 2%. Chemist increases the Chemistry skill by five. Erud’s Teachings increases damage spell critical strike chance of the caster by 2% and increases the Disruption skill of the caster by five.

Homeward Bound reduces the recast time of city gate spells by ten minutes. Intellect of the Sage increases the intelligence stat of the Erudite by five. Intellectual Feasting increases the duration of food by 25%. Magical Protection increases the mitigation versus magic damage by 237. Scholarly Pursuit increases the success chance of tradeskills by five percent.

Erudites have two activated racial traditions. Arc of Lightning deals magic damage to an encounter. The damage scales with level and has a three minute recast time. Ward of Glyphs has a twenty second duration and a five minute recast time. This ability absorbs 768 points of damage directed at the caster.

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