Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Ogres

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The Ogres are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Ogres are an evil aligned race and may start in either Darklight Wood in Neriak, City of Hate, or Big Bend in Freeport.


The Ogres are a race of massive, hulking humanoids. They were created by Rallos Zek, The Warlord, for the singular purpose of war. The original Ogres were among the most intelligent races on Norrath. Combined with their amazing strength and stamina, the Ogres amassed an army and went forth to Challenge the Rathe Council in the Plane of Earth. Though they fought valiantly, the Ogres were eventually defeated and cast back down out of the Planes of the gods. Additionally, the Rathe Council placed a curse upon the Ogres to punish them for their power and arrogance. This curse reduced them to the blundering, dim-witted Ogres today, though they retained their immense physical prowess.


The Ogres have two innate racial abilities available for their use at level one. The first is a purely superficial ability. Commanding Presence enlarges the Ogre by 20%, taking them from huge to monstrous. This ability has no real practical value, but is useful for role-playing. Their second ability is more helpful. Rock Thrower reduces the harvesting time taken while Mining by one second. This doesn’t seem like much, but over the course of the Ogres career it adds up.


Every ten levels, Ogres are able to choose between one of the following racial traditions. When chosen, these traditions permanently add the described enhancement or ability to the Ogres repertoire. The first seven listed are passive Ogre abilities. Brute Strength increases the Ogres already considerably strength stat by five additional points. Armor of the Feerott increases their mitigation against physical damage. The amount of mitigation provided scales with level. Rallos Zek’s Blessing increases the maximum health of the Ogre by 3%.

Oggokian Aggression increases melee critical strike chance by 2% and adds five points to the Aggression skill. Many Marches reduces the power cost of Sprint by 10% and increases the speed bonus of Sprint by 10%. The next two traditions are tradeskill abilities. Rallosian Readiness increases the Metal Shaping of the Ogre by five points and Oggokian Trade reduces the power cost for Weaponsmithing abilities by 10%.

The next three traditions need to be activated to gain their benefits. Shoulder Slam is a DD (Direct Damage) ability that also has a 2.5 second stun effect. The amount of damage dealt scales with level and it has a one minute recast time. Impenetrable Will grants stun immunity to the Ogre for ten seconds and has a five minute recast time. The final tradition is Battle Rest. Battle Rest increases the out of combat health regeneration of Ogres and also increases their strength stat. The amount of that the regeneration and strength increase by scales with level.

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