Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Dark Elves

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The Dark Elves are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Dark Elves are an evil aligned race and may start in either Neriak, City of Hate, or Freeport.


The Dark Elves, also known as the Tier’Dal, are one of the dominant races on Norrath in Everquest 2. Tier’Dal literally translates to “Elf of the Abyss”. They worship the dark god Innoruuk, Prince of Hate. The Dark Elves are bent on the conquest of all Norrath. They hold a tentative relationship with the corrupt Humans of Freeport. Their capitol city of Neriak is one of the five starting cities in Everquest 2.


The Dark Elves have three innate racial abilities. Master of Shadows is a permanent ability. This ability increases movement speed by 15% when stealthed or invisible. This is a powerful ability for Scout classes. Hover is an activated ability that lasts until cancelled. This ability casts the enchantment Slow Fall on the Dark Elf. Slow Fall is helpful for taking shortcuts down cliffs. They also have the racial innate Ultravision. Ultravision has a two hour duration. This allows Dark Elves to see in both the light and darkness.


Every ten levels, the Dark Elf is able to choose one of the following racial traditions. The first is Knowledge of Neriak. This is a permanent enhancement that increases intelligence by five. Hateful Mind permanently increases the maximum power of the Dark Elf by 3%. The Foci’s Magical Protection permanently increases mitigation versus magic. Pursuit of the Arcane reduces the power cost of Sage abilities by 10%. This ability is necessary for all Sage classes. Poison Crafter is a permanent ability that increases the chance of alchemy successes by 5%.

Innoruuk’s Gift is a permanent enhancement. It’s effect varies on whether you’re a caster or melee character. For melee it increases double attack by 2% and piercing by five. For casters it increases spell critical hit chance by 1.8% and disruption by five. The last permanent enhancement is Poison Expertise. This increases the trigger count of poisons by twenty five percent.

Dark Elves have three activated racial traditions. The first and perhaps most potent is Fury of Innoruuk. This spell lasts for thirty seconds and has a five minute recast time. It increases melee and spell critical strike chance by 5%, increases casting speed by 10% and increases attack speed by thirty-five. It also lowers defense and parry skills.

Fueled by Hate lasts for thee minutes and has a ten minute recast time. It increases out-of-combat power regeneration and mitigation by magic. The last is Shadow Slip. This ability is ideal for grouping. It teleports the caster ten meters away, lowers the caster one hate position, and decreases the casters threat by a substantial amount.

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