Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Wood Elves

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The Wood Elves are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Wood Elves are a good aligned race and may start in Qeynos or Kelethin.


The Wood Elves, also known as Feir’Dal, are a golden skinned race of Elves that live high in the branches of the trees of the Greater Faydark. The Feir’Dal worship the Mother of All, Tunare. Tunare is a benevolent Goddess that considers all things in nature holy. She previously resided in the Plane of Growth. The Wood Elves have lived in their city of trees since ancient times. Now they war against the oncoming hordes of Dark Elves.


Wood Elves have three innate racial abilities. Camo is an invisibility spell that lasts for one minute and has a five minute recast time. This spell, usable at level one, has a plethora of uses and should be used liberally. Infravision is an ability with a two hour duration. This racial grants the caster Heat Vision, a type of vision that emphasizes all heat sources. Keeper of the Forest is an ability that decreases the time taken to forest and gather by one second. This is a passive ability.


Every ten levels, the Wood Elf is able to choose one of the following racial traditions. The first eight listed are passive Wood Elf abilities. Vitality of the Feir’Dal permanently increases the power of the Wood Elf by 3%. Wisdom of the Faydark increases the wisdom stat by five. Shield of Nature increases mitigation versus disease damage. The amount mitigated scales with level.

Light Footed reduces the potency of snare effects by 25%. Gift of the Faydark decreases the power cost of Woodworking abilities by 10%. Faydwer Fashions increases the success chance of Tailoring by 5%. Elvish Spirits increases the duration of drink effects by 25%. Faydark’s Champion is the Wood Elf class type specific racial. For melee types, it grants 2% to ranged critical strike chance and five points to ranged attack. For caster types it gives 2% to healing spell critical chance and five points to the Ministration skill.

Wood Elves have two activated racial traditions. The first is Forest Fire. This spell is a fire damage AOE (Area of Effect) direct damage spell. It has a two second cast time and a one minute recast time. The damage of this ability scales with level. The second is Natural Recovery. This ability has a three minute duration and a ten minute recast time. It increases out-of-combat power regeneration and the stamina stat. The amount increased scales with level.

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