Everquest 2 Beginner Race Guide – Iksar

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The Iksar are one of nineteen starting races in Everquest 2. They are available with the original version of Everquest 2. The Iksar are an evil aligned race and may start in the Scale Yard in Freeport or the Darklight Wood in Neriak, City of Hate.


The Iksar are a race of reptilian humanoids, created by the god Cazic-Thule, The Faceless. The Iksar are one of the more sinister races on Norrath and are bent on the destruction and enslavement of all races other than the Iksar. The Iksar and Dark Elves are assisting each other in eliminating the goodly races, but a confrontation between the two empires seems inevitable. The body of the Iksar is covered from head to toe in scales and horns. Through inbreeding and magical tampering, the Iksar created the race called Sarnaks to be their military force. Unfortunately for them, the Sarnaks grew beyond their control and now claim their own portion of Norrath.


The Iksar have three innate racial abilities available for use at level one. Reptilian Ancestry increases their out-of-combat health regeneration permanently. This reduces the time needed to heal in between fights. They also have the ability Aquavision. This ability allows them to see underwater as clearly as above, and is useful for searching for sunken items. Defense Coloration is a stealth ability that turns them invisible at a cost of 10% of their maximum power every three seconds. The ability terminates when their power reaches zero or a duration of one minute. Defensive Coloration has a five minute recast time.


Every ten levels, Iksar are able to choose between one of the following racial traditions. The selected tradition will be permanently added to the Iksars abilities. The first nine listed are passive Iksar abilities. Legacy of the Shissar grants a 3% bonus to the maximum life of the Iksar. Proficient Swimmer gives the Iksar indefinite underwater breathing. Tough Scales adds a five point bonus to both the Defense and Deflection skills. Honed Body grants a five point bonus to the agility stat of the Iksar.

Greenmist Salvation increases the Iksars mitigation versus disease spells and abilities by 3%. Reptilian Grace reduces falling damage taken by 25%. The final two are tradeskill related traditions. Whipstitch reduces the power cost for Tailoring skills by 10%. Dark Medicine increases the Alchemy skill of the Iksar by five points. Venril’s Guidance is a class type specific tradition. For melee classes, this ability grants a 2% increased chance to score critical melee strikes and a five point bonus to the Parry skill. For caster types, Venril’s Guidance gives a 2% increased spell critical strike chance and a plus five bonus to the Focus skill.

The Iksar only have one activated racial tradition. This ability is Venomous Strike. Venomous Strike is a poison based DD (Direct Damage) spell that also inflicts the target with a poison DoT (Damage over Time) effect. The duration of the DoT is twelve seconds and the spell has a one minute recast time. The damage of both the DD and DoT portion of the ability scale with the level of the Iksar.

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