Guide to The Amarr Empire Faction in Eve Online

Guide to The Amarr Empire Faction in Eve Online
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So, What Is the Amarr Empire Faction?

When Cortez discovered the new world he brought slavery and misery to the people who had inhabited those lands for generations. Neither Cortez nor his fellow conquistadors ever played Eve Online, but the empire they served as inspiration for is the largest faction in the popular space MMO.

The Amarr were the first race to re-discover the secrets of interstellar travel after the wormhole that brought humanity to the habitable worlds on the other side of it collapsed. The first race the early Amarr space employers encountered were a barbarous, backwards people suitable only to be enslaved. The Mimnatar eventually won their independence, but many still toil away for their masters as slaves within the borders of the Empire.

How the Amarr Relate to the Other Eve Online Nations

The superiority with which these people see themselves, coupled with their religion, has led to notably strained relations. Over 200 years ago, the Empire decided to take on the Gallaneteans and the newly-discovered Jovian Directorate. The Imperial forces expected an easy victory over these smaller powers, but found that the technological might of the Jovians and the Gallenteans was more than equal to their own.

The Amarr Empire’s views on religion and slavery have not won them many friends in the Eve Online universe. The government has attempted to improve its relations since losing to the Gallente Federation and the Jovian Directorate, but it is not necessarily trusted. (The Caldari, fortunately, will sell their wares to almost anyone.)

There are not many storyline missions that a pilot can fly for non-Imperial factions that will improve the faction rating. An Amarri pilot will need to maintain good relations with his government for a long time.

These military defeats bruised the psyche of the Empire, but the victory would have another unintended consequence. The barbarous Minmatars used these military defeats as an opportunity to rebel and declare their independence. The Mimnatar Republic adds yet another faction unfriendly to the deeply-religious people of the Empire. This information can be gleaned from the Amarr Empire secion on the Eve Online main page.

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Racial Subdivisions within the Amarr Empire


The Emperor may hold absolute power on paper, but in practice his direct will is not followed unless he shows up in person. Lower-level government officials run the day-to-day affairs of the Empire. The nobility of the Empire may be long lived, but the cybernetic implants that extend the lives of the wealthy and the powerful are not of interest to the player. What a player needs to know are the races that make up the Amarr and the starting stats of each.

The Khanids

The name Khanid means “Lordlings” in the language of the Amarr. The Khanids are the second largest group within the Empire. They have long served the nobility as a valuable and trusted ally. This lineage’s starting stats are:

  • Intelligence 5
  • Charisma 5
  • Perception 8
  • Memory 4
  • Willpower 8

The Khanid Kingdom is not part of the Amarr Empire, although they still use the same skills.

The Nu-Kunni

The Nu-Kunnis

The Nu-Kunnis serve as craftsmen and skilled artisans. The culture of the Empire frowns on these occupations, but cannot do without them. The person of this lineage taking up these menial tasks keeps the people in the higher strata of society from undertaking them. The Nu-Kunni stats are as follows:

  • Intelligence 5
  • Charisma 8
  • Perception 7
  • Memory 6
  • Willpower 4

The Amarr Empire Racial FActions


These are the original racial stock that came from Earth long ago. These pilots will likely fit the description that the many Eve Online web sites so eloquently describe the failings of this group. They take their religious duties seriously, and the belief system has brought about great good and evil in the universe. The starting stats for this lineage are:

  • Intelleigence 7
  • Charisma 3
  • Perception 4
  • Memory 6
  • Willpower 10

Amarr Empire Skill Focus

Anyone should consider it lucky to serve the emperor l. The rookie rocket jocks must learn their trade in the venerable if much abused Impairor.

Most Eve Online player will abandon this shuttle as quickly as time permits, but they will need to know the skills that will bring the holy light of the state religion and evolve backwards peoples. A pilot needs to learn many skills to accomplish this, but the drone, frigate and capital skills allow a solid PvE experience. The Hull skills allow for the best in the game.

Raising Faction with the Empire

Because the empire has made few friends in the universe, most of the story line missions will be within Imperial space. A few other corporate missions can boost a player’s faction standing with this mighty empire, but almost all the faction improvements will come from an Amarr Imperial Representative. As the faction controls 40% of the worlds in the game, this should not be difficult to accomplish.

CCP has gotten away from describing their empires as based on real-world countries. Long-time players may remember that the Amarr are essentially the Spanish Empire of the Age of Exploration, but do not tell people in game this.



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