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A Beginner's Guide to the Ships and Skills of Eve Online's Gallente Faction

by: sinisterporpoise ; edited by: Michele McDonough ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It isn't easy being the only defenders of freedom and democracy in a troubled galaxy, but the pilots of the Gallente are more than up to the task. Of course, other factions in the Eve Online universe see the people of the Federation as pompous and overbearing fools.

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    What Skills Are Needed?

    The Gallente are the defenders of Freedom and democracy in the Eve Online Universe. Player representatives of this faction are likely mini gallente-dominix-1 to be more interested in free trade than a free and honest government, but that can be said for any player character in this online space MMO, regardless of the character's affiliation.

    The people of the Gallente federation are fierce believers in democracy and the role of free will and human rights in the affairs of man. It is only on the planets controlled by this nation, according to some of the universe's denizens, that an individual can pursue opportunities and live out his dreams, or at least that is what the author of this Eve-Online wiki page would like the reader to believe.

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    Getting the Most out of Your Stating Ship: the Velator

    simbolo gallente Defending the causes of democracy, human rights, and free trade is a noble goal for any man, but one cannot do it without the proper equipment. The federation has, in its wisdom, seen fit to supply pilots who complete their training program with the reliable, if not always ideal, Velator. This marvel of somewhat outdated technology is as reliable as any starting ship can be. Many Eve players prefer to purchase a different ship, such as the Tristan of the Caldari, as soon as they earn enough money to purchase a new vessel. The Velator does have an advantage over other ships as it has two bays.

    Once the player completes the introductory quests with his trusty or rusty Velator, the player will be escorted to Gallente controlled space. Here he can start on the missions that will earn him enough points to gain favor with the Federation.

    The best course of action for a new player to raise his faction standing is heading to the Federation Navy space stations to see what mission representatives of the FDU want the players to do for them. The Velator may be underequipped for these missions. It may also have undesirable hard points, but a player can find out how to tweak this vessel, best suited for lightning raids and dodging enemy fire, by doing research on all the ships of Eve.

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    Political Factions in the Gallente Federation

    Gallanteans – These people of French descent make up the bulk of the federation. The game stats are as follows:gallente-brutix-3 

    The Intaki did not start out as members of the Federation, but were absorbed into it. Their soft-spoken demeanor and introspective tendencies have led many Intaki to great success in the Federation's bureaucracy and government.

    • Intelligence: 8
    • Charisma: 6
    • Perception: 3
    • Memory: 7
    • Willpower: 6

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    Intaki – The Intaki did not start out as members of the Federation, but were absorbed into it. Their soft-spoken demeanor and introspective tendencies have led many Intaki to great success in the Federation's bureaucracy and government.

    • Intelligence: 8
    • Charisma: 6
    • Perception: 3
    • Memory: 7
    • Willpower: 6

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    Jin-Mei: A New Edition to the Gallente Federation

    Jin-Mei – The Jin-Mei joined the Federation before they came into contact with the Amarr Empire. This might have saved this faction from the same fate of the Mimnitar, but the idealistic goals of the current government do not always mesh well with the rigid caste system. A civil war raging on the Jin-Mei worlds prevents a more direct clash of cultures. The starting stats for the Jin-Mei are average, giving them neither weaknesses or strengths in many areas.

    • Intelligence: 5
    • Charisma: 7
    • Perception: 6
    • Memory: 5
    • Willpower: 7

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    Drones and Other Important Skills

    The skies are a dangerous place. The Caldari and a few select corporations may agree with the sweeping goals of the Federation, but there are many other factions in the universe who do not and would not mind seeing the Gallente fade into nothingness.

    The pilots who want to keep the galaxy safe for freedom and democracy will need to learn gunnery, electronics, mechanical, and engineering, but they should start with the learning skill, which reduces the amount of time it takes for Eve Online characters to learn their skills. Rounding out this list are drone related skills. Managing the drones attached to his ship will be the most important skill for any Gallente Federation pilot.

    The skills will be repeated here for those who find bulleted lists far easier to read.

    • Learning
    • Gunnery
    • Electronics
    • Mechanical
    • Engineering
    • Drones

    It does not hurt for a Gallente player to choose a faction that helps with his engineering skills, as many of the drone related skills fall under this discipline in the game.

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    How an Eve Online Player Raises His Faction Standing with the Gallente

    A player that wants to raise his standings with the Gallente Federation should seek out non-player character corporations that have friendly relations with this faction. After a pilot completes 16 missions, each of which will give small faction boosts with the Gallente as a whole, he will receive a storyline mission with an agent from the Federation itself. Completing storyline missions will give him the largest faction boost. (This information was supplied to the author by the Eve Online player Kalith Blackhand, a member of the Caldari corporation.)

    mini gallente-dominix-1 Of course, in order to maintain a high faction standing, it is necessary to avoid activities that will cause the faction that bills itself as the only force for Freedom and Democracy in Eve from looking unfavorably upon the pilot. No matter how tempting it might be, a pilot attempting to get the Federation to look favorably upon him should refrain from attacking Gallente ships.

    As always, pilots should make sure they complete the missions received from their contacts in a timely fashion. Not completing missions will cause a non-player character contact to lose faith in a player and lower his standings with the game faction that he represents.

    Missions with non-player character controlled corporations can be found the easiest in systems controlled by the Gallente Federation. The navigation computers that are a pessary component of any ship that travels between the stars can help a character find a friendly place to dock. A starting pilot should be sure to upgrade the hard points on his ship when available. The first ship a Gallente pilot uses relies heavily on superior firepower and the ability to run away. Getting shot at should be the last goal of any pilot in Eve Online, especially if they are flying a scouting vessel. (Be warned that this cannot always be avoided.)

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