Eve Online Minmater Clan Races and Background Information

Eve Online Minmater Clan Races and Background Information
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Introduction to the Republic

The Minmatar Clans spent many centuries in slavery at the hands of the Amarr. The Amarr may have enslaved them to help this backwards and barbarous race improve, but the new Minmatar Republic does not see their previous enslavement in the same way as their former Amarr masters.

The Republic might be the nominal government of this Eve Online faction, but many of the clans are disperse and largely rule themselves, despite the unification efforts. The clans might not have been able to declare their independence had the might Amarrian Empire not suffered military defeats at the hands of the Gallente Federation and the Jovian Directorate. The new struggling republic is trying to unite fiercely independent clans to prevent their race from facing enslavement again.

Clan Racial Division

The Minmatar may be the most numerous race in the worlds of Eve, but they are by far one of the least powerful. Members of this race are fiercely individualistic, considering kin and tribe notifications far more important than national allegiance. The newly formed Republican government has its work cut out for it, but the race is divided into for major bloodlines, according to the Evelopedia The races are the Sebestior, the Brutor, the Vherokior and the Krusal.

Each tribe has different lineages. The lineage of a Mimnatar character affects his starting statistics.

The Brutor

The Brutor favor physical strength more than their fellow clansman and often have a more intimidating physical appearance. Each


Minmatar lineage has different ancestries, and for the Sebestior there are slave child, worker, and the Tribal Traditionalists.

Worker – Intelligence 4, Charisma 6, Perception 9, Memory 4, Willpower 7

Slave Child – Intelligence 4, Charisma 6, Perception 11, Memory 4, Willpower 9

Tribal Traditionalist Intelligence 4, Charisma 7, Perception 9, Memory 4, Willpower

The Sebestior

The intellectuals among the Minmatar Clans, the Sebestior helped organize the rebellion against the Amarr overlords. The Sebestior


have three lineages rebel, trader, and tinkerer. Some of these lineages gain extra skills.

Rebel – Intelligence 7, Charisma 6, Perception 8, Memory 6, Willpower 7

Tinkerer – Intelligence 11, Charisma 6, Perception 5, Memory 6, Willpower 6

Trader – Intelligence 7, Charisma 10, Perception 5, Memory 6, Willpower 6

The Krusal

Starting stats for the Krusal were difficult to find, but members of this bloodline often launched in lightning raids against the Amarr oppressors and were often considered terrorist by their governments. Now they hold important roles within the Republic and many of them have taken up its defense.

The Vherokior

Red Moon Rising introducedthe lineage to the Eorld of Eve Online These are the descendants of drifters. Their leader was exiled many


years ago. Today, many of the Vherokior hang on to the lower echelons of Minmatar society. They Vherokior have three lineages: drifters, mystics, and retailers.

Drifters – Intelligence 9, Charisma 8, Perception 4, Memory 8, Willpower 3

Mystics – Intelligence 8, Charisma 8, Perception 4, Memory 8, Willpower 6

Retailers – Intelligence 7, Charisma 9, Perception 4, Memory 11, Willpower 3.

Starting Out as a Rookie Pilot


The starting stats for each race are useful, but the new Eve Online Minmatar pilot belongs in space. He must know his starting shuttle and what to upgrade it to as soon as he has the extra cash to do so.

Learning the skills that will allow a pilot survive in a universe that is often cold and unforgiving is of equal importance. The Republic will supply them with the lightly armed and armored frigate, the Reaper. While other factions have a list of easily recommended skills, this is not the case with this faction. Many pilots ditch the Reaper and upgrade to the Vigil as soon as possible.

What skills a pilot chooses will depend on his tactics, although this faction is not quote as drone heavy as the Gallente or Caldari. Missiles, shields, frigates, cruisers, navigation, cannons, and lasers are all good choices for a new pilot of the Minmatar Republic.

Raising Faction Standing with the Minmatar Republic

As the most populous race, there are many factions within the clans, and doing missions with these factions will boost the players standing with the Minmatar republic. As always, sixteen regular missions will lead to one storyline mission with the Republic.

Its also a good idea to complete the missions in a timely fashion. Just as people in real life do not appreciate employees who frequently cause delays, contacts in the universe of Eve Online are just as unfond of employees who do not respond in a timely fashion.. No one wants to har the nasty gossip some of the Vherokior can spread about a slacking pilot who fails to do his duty for the clans. A player who keeps his faction standing high can rely on regular missions and fame and fortune within his tribe and the other clans on Minmatar worlds. He may even come back to a planet later and find a town has erected a statue in his honor.


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