A Beginner's Guide to the Caldari State Faction in Eve Online

A Beginner's Guide to the Caldari State Faction in Eve Online
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Introduction to Caldari State

The Gallente Federation may stand for freedom and democracy, but the true calling of any player of Eve Online is to engage in free trade and make as much money for himself as possible. This is the faction for people who want cool uniforms, aren’t interested in Empire building, don’t hold high ideals, and do not hold with the genetic engineering practices of the Jovian Directorate.

Caldari State: The Corporation of the People

The political scientist might debate whether or not the Caldari Mega Corporation constitutes a true government. The many corporations

that make up the government ensure order in the corporate state. Eight mega corporations share power over the people, but the custom and tradition serves to moderate people, both the corporate executives and the common man.

An Eve Online pilot will serve one of the lesser corporations owned by one of the larger corporations that share the reigns of power in what passes for the government of worlds controlled by this corporation. Fictional politics interest online gamers much less than real world politics do. What a new Caldari state pilot needs to know is what kind of ship he will be flying and the skills he needs to know.

8 Corporations that Hold the Reigns of Power

The Caldari State won its independence from the Gallente Federation long ago, but they fought hard to earn their independence. Many outside observers underestimate this faction’s military might, but the technology they posses is comparable to all of the other empires, with the exception of the Jovian Directorate, as the Eve Online Wiki notes.

Kaalakiota – This Corporation may have small interest in many affairs of the state, or could even become a state itself. This state within the Caldari state earned its wealth through real estate manipulation.

The Caldari Chimera

Nugoeihuvi – This company makes sure the corporate drones of the Caldari are entertained and do not think too much about the occasional dictatorial demands of their government. The name is formed by combining the words for play, relax, and enjoy in the native language of its home worlds.

Ishukone – If there is an Intel of the Eve Online universe, it is the Ishukone Company that makes high tech equipment that is used on many ships throughout the worlds that were lost when the Eve wormhole collapsed.

The other corporations are Sukuuvestaa, Wiyrkomi, Hyasyoda, CBD and Lai Da.

Working with the Ibis Frigate

The Ibis frigate is the starting ship of the Caldari pilot. It is a workable ship, but one of the first goals of any pilot is to find a ship that will better prepare them for the dangers of space and allow him to earn the greatest amount of profits both for the pilot and the companies they serve. The guide linked to in this paragraph recommends that a starting pilot replace the Ibis with the Condor as soon as he has the chance.

The ship that the company provides favors the use of missiles and rail guns in their weaponry, and thus gunnery skills should be one of the first skills that a new pilot for one of the sub-corporations learns.

Important Skills for Caldari State Pilots

Any pilot in

A Caldari Drake Frigate

Eve Online should purchase the learning skill because it reduces the amount of time it takes to learn the other skills needed. Caldari state pilots should focus on engineering, frigate, gunnery and engineering skills to enable him to do well in the player versus environment portion of the game. A player who is serious about player versus player combat should also pick up the turret and warp skills that allow him to trap an opposing pilot. The skills listed below are what a Caldari state pilot should learn before focusing on other skills.

  1. Caldari Frigate
  2. Caldari Cruiser
  3. Missile Operations
  4. Standard Missiles
  5. Heavy Missiles
  6. Shield Operations
  7. Navigation
  8. Afterburner
  9. Weapon Upgrades
  10. Scout Drone Operations

How a Player Raises His Faction Standing with Caldari State

As tempting as it may be to think that this is a university that trains pilots and other professionals in Eve Online, the brass running Caldari state would not be so easily amused. Raising standing with any faction in Eve Online requires the successful completion of storyline missions. The many corporations within the mega corporation make it easy to earn Caldari state faction boosts. The basics of boosting faction standing are the same for this corporate empire as it is for any other government in the game world. For every sixteen normal missions that a player completes, he will be sent to an agent with a faction to gain storyline missions.

Doing the storyline missions result in faction boosts with the major factions of the game. The setup of the Caldari makes this easier as the many sub-factions give small boosts to the overall faction standing. In order to undertake a mission with any agent belonging to a faction, a player must have standing with the group of at least -2.0.



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