Eve Online Corporation Ship Sale

Eve Online Corporation Ship Sale
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Remember to Protect Yourself

Buying and selling coronation ships in Eve Online normally requires a person to be a member of a corporation. As with other games, an underground economy where people buy and sell these fictional goods has emerged. The makers of Eve Online, as do many of their competitors, frown upon this practice. Although the makers of the game do everything they can do discourage real world trading, it still does go on. Finding a site that engages in an Eve Online Ship Corporation sale is risky businesses.

When dealing with any company using what the makers of Runescape call real-world trading, a player puts his account at risk. The operators of these sites offer a legitimate service in the eyes of local, national and International law. MMO operators take a dim view of such companies. If a player insists on using a company selling Eve Online ships, rather than a corporation selling the ships in-game, use good practices to protect your account. Change your password, don’t respond to the in-game spammers and do not give any indication that you use these services.

The Risks of Buying and Selling Materials in any MMO


When buying corporate ships, such as the Titans, from a real-world trader remember that the larger ships can cost up to $1,500 in real money. Buying a ship from an online site represents a huge investment. If the money changes hands and the seller gets caught, he will lose his account. The makers of Eve do everything they can to discourage the practice. The blueprints for all of the large ships are available in-game. Eve developers have done everything it can to reduce the impact of the traders, including letting people sell flex cards in the game that give people a month of free play time.

Before you purchase any corporate ship, whether in-game or from a real-world trader, you need to make sure that someone in your corporation has all the skills necessary to pilot the craft. It takes a year and a half to learn the skills in-game. Because Eve Online skills are learned in real time, there is little a player can do to speed up this process. (A brief discussion of how to learn skills more quickly in the game is found here.)

Using the Ship Once You Get It

Eve Online ships are often made using blueprints. The ships players create can get destroyed. If a ship gets destroyed, the player must make a new one to replace the old one. A wise player always ensures his ships and his skills. The corporate ships, especially the capital ships, do not get destroyed easily. A Titan class ship used as a portable jump gate may not have the Doomsday device on board, but it will have a fleet of ships traveling along with it. The fleet of ships will act as its defense.

Do You Have to Use the Ships for Combat?

Although the makers of Eve Online encourage players to screw with one another as much as they would in real life, corporate ships do not have to be used to warp people into and out of a battle. Not every person who plays Eve wants to go into interstellar combat. Some players spend their entire time playing the stock market or trading goods and services. Some corporations do nothing more than become interstellar trading houses in the game. If you need to purchase a few corporate ships to haul cargo, the process is the same. Most companies offering trading services will take credit cards or PayPal. Few Internet companies accept cash.



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